Friday, August 19, 2011

A glass more than half full

Drink. Be Merry.
Quebec City, QC, July 2011
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When the room is filled with the happy sounds of friends and family, it's easy to just sit back and drink it all in for a bit. Which is exactly what I did on this night. There was a spirit to this meal that I won't soon forget, a feeling that as long as you had the right people around the table, the result would be something you wouldn't soon forget - and hoped would never end.

I wish my camera could have recorded the warmth of this moment. I'll have to keep working on that, I guess.

Your turn: Do you remember one particular meal particularly well? What made it so unique?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

Your post sounds so uplifting... As far as an occasion, I remember my grandfather at Thanksgiving.. little do we know it would be his last.. He cooked almost every Thanksgiving... He went about his quiet way, cooking all the traditional as well as incorporating some Korean foods... he was unusually quiet.. He carved the bird and took his favorite part- the leg!. Well he had difficulty eating it, actually he had no appetite.. amid all the talking and clattering, I noticed his slow movements... I didn't say a word... After that night, things went downhill... He went to the hospital about 2X before we got word he had passed... We don't know what caused his death.. My mom did not want my grandma to ok an autopsy... I do know he had developed fluid in his lungs-pleurisy... On one of his trips home from the hospital he was diagnosed w/tb.. yep, something that is non existent... The doctors advised that my grandma separate eating utensils, dishes for him... My cousin who is a doctor said that was ridiculous... Well, he proved my grandpa's doctors wrong- non of us were contaminated... anyway, that is one memorable moment I had... funny how I seemed to be the only one that night to notice something not quite right...

21 Wits said...

Now, that's kind of glass and life ever!

Catherine said...

I did have a particularly memorable birthday dinner not so long ago - with my husband, all my children, and much to my surprise, my brother and his wife as well. Then we went out to an improvised comedy show, and spent the evening laughing just about non-stop - much needed, given the very shaky year we have had (and are still having - two magnitude 4+ aftershocks today).

Somewhere round about said...

i remember a roast meal, cooked in our kitchen in a welsh valley while we were at church. we came home, bundled the children into the car and the warmed serving dishes into layers of blankets. we took table cloth, crockery and cutlery, drinks and glasses and set out. twenty mins later we set up our meal on a picnic table near the river.

the children ate their fill, then played in the shallow river.
easily the best sunday lunch ever!