Thursday, August 18, 2011

On mistakes. And learning from them.

"The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing that you will make one."
Elbert Hubbard
This quote reminds me of the La-Z-Boy recliner and the bicycle. It may be safer to sit in the big, cushy chair instead of riding a bike precariously through traffic. Or maybe the sedentary avoidance of sudden risk is the deadliest of all paths.

I'm going to presume the whole point of this life thing is to get out, risk a fall, and see what happens next. On that note, the outside world beckons.

Your turn: How do you learn from your mistakes?


Anonymous said...

Slowly, apparently.

Fall down six times, get up seven. Yup.

C.J. said...

I like what you said Titanium. Really.
Some mistakes I have not learned from unfortunately, but still working on them.

Jamie L said...

Mistakes are only of real value to your personal growth when you are able to become honest with yourself and evaluate the real reason you made them in the first place.Taking ownership of your own actions and understanding your true motivation will help ensure they are not repeated.

Alexia said...

Oh I keep making them - but perhaps I'm making fewer than I used to. I'm certainly not going to sit around making sure I avoid potholes!

Steve Gravano said...

Life = Mistakes

Olivia Emisar said...

I don't see life "mistakes" but learning opportunities.


Gilly's Camera said...

hummmmm been thinking about this post for a while now

maybe....maybe i've got ot where i am now ( half way through my ife) and never really dared to make mistakes

maybe i run from them,
never really leaving enough time to evaluate them properly...

thanks for making me think!