Sunday, March 11, 2007

Caption This 9

[Caption to be provided by YOU - see below for details]
London, Ontario, March 2007

Garbage day. A pile of broken down old furniture sits on the curb of a dusty old main street. Empty storefronts outnumber actual stores. Its a cloudy, gray day, but I swear the color got sucked out of my vision the moment I turned onto this street.

I spot a mattress in the middle of this now-forgotten pile. There's nothing quite as grotesque as a used mattress on a run-down street in a dodgy neighborhood. The mind wanders about what must be on or in it. I want to take a picture of it, but I don't dare get too close. The ick factor is clearly off the scale.

But enough about my squeamishness. You all want to know who penned the top caption from last week's dog mural photo. Well, you need wait no longer. My thanks to everyone who submitted. I laughed till it hurt in most cases, and in the end picked this one from Pat:
"Quick there's that ginger tom from next door. give the flower pot a nudge!"
If you haven't visited her site, Past Imperfect, please do so and tell her I send my best.

Your turn:
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-E said...

I've come the backwards way from Michele's and I know so completely the ick factor of used mattresses. Yuckies. I'll have to think up a caption and come back, but for now I'll leave what my tired brain thinks first.

"Some naps just aren't good enough"

Michael K. Althouse said...

This is where bed bugs come from...

picperfic said...

Bedroom designing was taking a turn for the worse, as M walked past this revolting matress the pattern caught her eye, just what she needed to add a bit of romance to her design board she was putting together. She even got her scissors out of her bag to cut out the bit of floral design that matched her colour scheme. On closer inspection she decided that she couldn't actually touch the mattress so a photograph would be safer! CLICK!

Bobkat said...

Eugh! I know what you mean about the ick factor of a used mattress.

My caption is: "The mattress was so earthy that even flowers were growing on it"

Olyal said...

When you want to take everything lying down...

I love council clean up day when everyone leaves the best stuff outside for the council to come pick up and take to the tip... You can score some super goodies!

utenzi said...

Caption: The pretty flowers, no matter how much they strained, just could not escape their boxy prison.

Comment: that's a weak caption, Carmi. I just couldn't think of anything. Anytime I see anything left outside that can absorb moisture I think about just how much mildew will result. That's nasty stuff!

Michele sent me!

Anna said...

YUCK....I am trying to get through this post without getting sick. I have a hard time staying in matter what kind. For the exact reasons you just gave....the ICK factor is right!

I have been that way ever since I saw some piece on Dateline NBC where they did tests on matresses in hotel rooms. Nasty!

I may be back with a comment. So far though, Mike seems to be on the track that I would be on with the bed bugs....

Sleep tight!

Michael K. Althouse said...

This is the wrong side of the bed. The other side is worse.

Michele sent me,


yellojkt said...

Caption: Wait until the mattress tag inpectors discover this crime scene.

A mattrass tag alwyas reminds me of Chevy Chase in Fletch.

michele sent me.

Pat said...

Carmi : I'm so thrilled to have won the competition. Thank you so much and also for sending people my way. It's very sweet of you.

srp said...

Ode to the Discarded Mattress

Your roses have faded,
You're tattered and torn.
Your springs have all sprung.
Now you're weary and worn.

There's no firm in your fill.
There's no posh in your pad.
Though it pains me to say this,
I think you've been had.

Michele sent me this visit.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Taking the contents to the bank...

Jean-Luc Picard said...

BTW, Michele sent me.

Rainbow dreams said...

Herein lies a secret... many secrets..

Bobkat said...

Michele sent me back to try again so here goes:

'Greg was pleased when the old mattress was thrown out. Somehow flowers just didn't fit in to his love stud batchelor pad and the time the satin sheets had come off the bed had been really embarrassing for him'.

Unknown said...


Finally got around to visiting your Blog. I'm quite impressed. Thanks for sharing this with me.


Unknown said...


Finally got around to visiting your Blog. Thanks for sharing it with me.

I'm intrigued.


kenju said...

I'd have to vote for SRP'S poem!

Michele sent me this time.

Vid Digger said...

OMG! It's trying to say something! Somebody get Dr. Ruth!

Vid Digger said...

Sorry, mattress... Dr. Ruth doesn't take street calls.

Pat said...

Carmi, I love the poem of SRP!! I can't stand even thinking of used mattresses!

Pat's Photos and
Guelph Daily Photo

Anonymous said...

Glory days...

Sara said...

"If you think the fly on the wall knows a lot, imagine the stories I could tell you"

I also love SRP's poem