Friday, March 02, 2007


I wanted to quickly share some details on where all the interview/media work I did yesterday ended up. I did four interviews on four different issues with four different media outlets. Two of them have already had impact.
  1. ROBTv: The first visible result is an interview with Report On Business Television's Amanda Lang and Bruce Little. I went to their Toronto studios to talk about Motorola's position in light of Carl Icahn's efforts to raise his ownership stake and get a spot on the board of directors. The show is called Squeeze Play, and my interview is in the middle of the hour-long broadcast. Click here to load the video, then scroll to about the midpoint to find my interview. This was a fun one, because I've only previously worked with ROBTv from remote studios in London and Kitchener. This was the first time I did the interview in-person. It totally changes the dynamic, and it's a much richer experience as a result.
  2. The Associated Press: The second visible result resulted from a discussion I had with AP technology writer Matt Slagle. He's based in Dallas, and he included quotes from me in three articles that he filed. We spoke about Dell's just-announced fourth-quarter results, and the articles were subsequently picked up globally.
Various headlines were:
  • Dell 4Q Earnings, Revenues Drop
  • Dell earnings slide 33% on weak sales
  • Dell fourth-quarter earnings slide
  • Dell 4Q earnings slide 33 percent on weak laptop, notebook sales
Some key pickups included the following (and, no, I still can't believe it went this far): Forbes, BusinessWeek, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, FOX News, Houston Chronicle, Newsday, MSN Money, San Jose Mercury News/,, Dallas Morning News, Baltimore Sun, Toronto Star, Sun-Sentinel (Florida), Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), The Age (Australia), and Euro2Day (Greece).

It also hit a bunch of newspapers I'd never heard of, including the Bismarck Tribune in North Dakota, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel in Indiana, the Benton Crier in Idaho, and the Meadow Free Press in Idaho. If you really want to have fun, click here for the Google News search on my name. This one story spiked it from its usual 30-50 to well over 200.

There's more to tell, and I'll post more details on my ongoing media odyssey over the next couple of days. For now, I think I need to catch up on my sleep: Thursday was a brutally long and intense day. But so worth it.

Your turn: Crazy, eh?


talj said...

Crazy...maybe! But you sure know your stuff!! Great to see you being splashed about everywhere and glad you are going to catch upon some sleep! Have a great weekend :o)

Anonymous said...

This is so exciting, Carmi! It's obvious that you deserve all the success you've achieved and attention you're getting. I hope it just gets better and better!

CG said...

Well done to you, Carmi :)

Elaine said...

How neat!

Rainbow dreams said...

Wow, it all sounds excellent - isn't it fantastic when hard work pays off?
Have a restful weekend, Katie

Jennifer said...

I'm impressed...I know someone famous!!
Here from Michele's today, although I've already read your post in my Bloglines this morning! :)

Suzanne said...

How very exciting for you! Congratulations. (So cool to see/hear you in addition to reading your words...)

srp said...

This should lead to advancement or a technology editor with one of the big news agencies? Perhaps we should watch out for a new technology program on MSNBC or CNN. You are a busy person indeed.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Very, very cool, hey dont forget us little guys when you are all rich and famous ok LOL.

Congratulations and I hope that it all leads you to where you want to go, although I am pretty certain it will.