Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ogres are like onions

Our kitchen table, London, Ontario, February 2007 [Click to enlarge]

By now, my wife and kids are used to my really annoying habit of taking whatever intrigues me and bringing it to the table for an impromptu photo shoot. When I start moving things away to ensure I've got sufficient light, they know I'm about to go fetch the camera and tripod. So when I do actually fetch the camera and tripod, they're already primed to roll their eyes and sigh. Loudly.

As maddening as my little photographic obsession can be, I think they secretly enjoy it. I see them cracking little smiles when they think I'm not looking.

I guess from this point forward, no onion is safe.

Your turn: So I've outed my admiration of all things Shrek. Are ogres indeed like onions? Are we?


kenju said...

Carmi, you're not an ogre! Are you?

Carola said...

Perhaps an Ogre is just someone who has lost themselves in all their woe's and problems and anxieties and nightmares that they change from being relatively 'human' like to more than they can cope and in this, evolving their life/image of self/personality into that of an 'ogre' - or someone who detests disturbances and things that distract them away from his or her own dwellings on the bad things in life... maybe?

I think everyone is like an onion. We can all leave a bad taste in someones mouth. We all have different layers of personalities, moods, thoughts processes, and hair color.
Sometimes we need to have something added to make us 'more appealing'- and it doesnt have to be dressing tho some sort of dress sense would be helpful(clothes must be worn at all times). For some people we only need to add other people for the right combination of ingrediants. Some people need the right people to bring out the best in them.

Either way, if your an ogre or an onion, you dont need to leave a bad taste in other peoples mouths. The only way to move on in life is to...
grow: learn: love: forgive:

Thankyou Carmi :)

Anonymous said...

Carmi, bud, sir, I have to completely disargee with you. I love Onions. The staff of life, be it a Sweet, Red,Spring,Spanish or the king of all things Onion, the Venerable Vidalia!!!
On a warm spring morning, while busying myself in my yard or garden I have been known to have a good ripe Vidalia in my coat pocket to fend off the pangs of hunger. I eat them like apples.
There may be those who stuff their lip with Skoal or Copenhagen but in that said, give me a good Vidalia and I shall work my field all day and come home with a smile and not a spit to welcome.
The wonderful onion, shucked off to the under world of Jalapenos and habaneros. A misunderstood fruit of flavor.
Yum yum, eat 'em ups!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

hey carmi, really funny, when i wrote, 'What I mean by that is that He spoke in parables, which by nature are hazy and call upon us to peel off their layers - the consequence of which is that they tend to stick around our souls for a long time - they journey with us, sustain us and nourish our hungry hearts.' the other day i thought of onions - nearly included it and nearly took a shot of a sliced red onion

glad you did it, it's a great almost absract image

ps, shrek has much to teach us

Anonymous said...

At least you have them all well trained to sigh and fuss!

Of course ogres are like onions...only greener. I guess they could be like a green onion, but that changes the whole point doesn't it.

It's all about the layers hidden inside.

Anna said...

oh and to answer your question...

I like to think that I have lots of interesting layers...like Shrek and onions! :)

Zeus said...

I think everyone is like an onion, regardless of how well you know the person. Just when you think you know the person best, something happens to peel off yet another layer you thought you removed ages ago!

Terrific photo! I love how I loaded your site, and I had no idea what I was staring at until my brain figured out it was an onion.

Anonymous said...

Both Freud and Jung would agree w/you on that observation (and so do I)! It is very likely that they would also have great fun with the variety of your photographic subject matter...
It shows your zest for life, your curiosity and appreciation, sharp mind, open heart and hunger for inspiration! It is probable that this "leaks over" onto your family members...which makes for some pretty wonderful "family ties" (who is the one to decide what is "bizarre", and what is not? What is "normal", and what is not?).

BTW, what an amazing photograph! And especially when compared with yesterday's closeup!! Thanx again for a thought-provoking image, along with some words to make me smile.

Carli N. Wendell said...

An illogical syllogism for you:

Some humans are ogres.
Some ogres are onions.
Therefore, all humans are onions.

Linda said...

ugh...how can you follow the beauty of that rose with this onion? Sorry...that's my allergy speaking. Even the sight of onions lately makes my stomach roll.

I don't know about ogres, but I do believe we are like onions...lots of layers, we make other people cry without trying, but are beneficial to life. (except for me, who happens to be allergic)

Tasha said...

I agree with an above comment. I think everyone is like an onion! LOL

Anna said...

I can see it now...

CUE the sighing! :) My little drama troupe here does the same thing when I try to snap something...

Love the onion! My eyes were welling up with tears
just looking at it. Great picture Carmi!

Elaine said...

Glad everyone else has been thinking so I don't have to! I like your onion shot. I get the same reaction when I drag out my camera!

Pat said...

What a great post today, Carmi! And a fantastic closeup of the onion.

By the way, is it cold in London? All of the schools here are closed today since the wind chill dropped to below that magic number of MINUS 30C (It's minus 35C with the wind chill here in Guelph!)

Talk to you soon!

Pat's Photos and
Guelph Daily Photo

golfwidow said...

I think I'm like an chive. I improve a baked potato, but that's pretty much it.

Or not.

C.S. Lewis once described Narnia as being like an onion, except that each layer revealed a larger layer underneath.

Biff Spiffy said...

Naw. I'm like a parfait. Nobody doesn't like parfait.

Or birthday cake. That's got layers.

Great shot, great site, you're a master commenter and thanks for the visit the other day!

Holly Schwendiman said...

Ahhh - onions and roses.....LOL Your photos are awesome and I love the subtle but meaningful thoughts that run deeper. I took a bite out of my daughter's eye rolls with the camera by getting her one of her own. Now she's clicking everything in sight. Thank heaven's for digital! LOL

Holly's Corner

Moon said...

I think we all have abit of Ogre in us. But that can be a good thing. As an onion can be tart, if we were all sweet all the time, it would be boring lol..but as an onion has many layers of smell, and taste, depending how u treat it..so do we as humans. It makes us all unique and special just as every onion is. Great photo Carmi!

Bobkat said...

As habits go, I think it's a very positive one! :-)

Thanks for your very kind words that you left on my blog. Your offer is much appreciated and I will come knocking if I need to :-)

photowannabe said...

Great post Carmi. Like everyone else said, we are complex people and have many layers. Sometimes we cause crying, sometimes we stink, sometimes we make something even better with ourselves.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I think everyone hasprettymuch covered my answers to your question about us being like an onion, just had to add that I hate raw onion and will eat cooked onion only in certain cases. I have a pet hate when people put raw onions in all of their salads (cabage salad, potato salad, mixed lettuce and vegetable etc. etc.) LOL just one of my un-things.

On the photography thing, my husband just shakes his head when I head out of the door with my camera because I have spotted something in the field that one of the horses is up to, he knows I wont be straight back like I claim I will be. At the same time he will never admit it but he enjoys it because as soon as I come back I look through what I have shot process a few to 6x9s and e-mail them to him. He is bedbound at the moment with a pressure sore so he gets very depressed with months and months confined to bed. It is his way of seeing what is going on outside because my shots arent just limited to the horses, I shoot anything that catches my eye normally. I really think he is also understanding that these animals have personalities which is a way he has never looked at his horses before.

Good looking onion shot but I will give it a miss thanks LOL.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we are like onions. I'm sure I have some layers beneath. I loved the picture. I need to get my camera out a little more often. These kind of pictures inspire me. And, don't laugh that I'm inspired by a picture of an onion!

picperfic said...

of course it's the layers isn't it? I mean we don't smell like onions do we? But as you get to know someone you peel off the layers, just like an onion! I have an inkling to photograph slices of fruit and veg which let the light shine through. My sister once took some wonderful photos of slices of kiwi fruit that she applied to the glass of the back door...the light through that green was amazing..but cleaning the wondow afterwards was a nuisance!

Anonymous said...

You take such lovely photos - all unique and very thought provoking.

I would definitely consider myself an onion - many layers... some I'm still trying to peel away and see if there's anything new and fresh underneath.

Thanks for dropping by!