Thursday, March 22, 2007

Interviewed - Hello Moto, Goodbye Palm

I'm back at the media commentary thing at work. Rumors of an impending buyout of Palm Inc. prompted us to release a news brief on the subject, entitled, Has Palm Read its Own Fortune?

The speculation flowed every which way throughout the day, but by the end of it all, Palm released its quarterly financial results, but shared no news on a possible deal. Still, I'll gloat a little: I've been harping on this for a while (here, too...from an Israeli analyst, no less!) I sadly don't get fame or fortune from predicting the future, but I do get to walk around my living room with a smirk on my face for being sorta right. That is, until my wife tells me to stop being an idiot. OK, back on track now...

I had been speaking with other media on this as well:
Other recent Canadian media tidbits related to other issues can be found here:
And finally, a couple of really neat wins - one in a huge British newspaper, the other in a tech magazine that's been on my media radar for ages:
Somewhere in the middle of this, I squeezed in a television interview with BNN - Broadcast News Network, formerly known as Report On Business Television, or simply ROBTv. I spoke with Amanda Lang and Pat Bolland earlier today about Motorola's current difficulties, and the video can be seen here.

There's a lot more out there: I've been so busy with this that I haven't kept up on tracking this activity. I'll drop a few more links into future entries to kinda catch up on the material stuff.

Your turn: Why does technology fascinate us so?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Carmi. This visit is sponsored by Michele.

I stopped using my Palm several years ago. Am I somehow responsible for Palm's demise? :) Truly, I never really needed it, I'm just a technophile.

As to why it fascinates us...I don't know...I have a strong geek gene, I guess. I mean, my grandfather used to have HAM radios and oscilloscopes in the basement, and while I channel this into blogging, mostly, the bottom line is: gadgets are fun, and COOL!

(P.S. You do know that Bibliotica is also mine, right? I've been using that ID on Michele's site to generate some traffic cuz it's new.)

Star said...

Good morning Carmi. Michele sent me this morning, although I's have been by anyway.

I don't know why we are so fascinated. What I do thik is that we are so open to the possibility of anuthing now. What was once thought of as futuristic stuff that Jules Verne might have concocted has become here,and gone, at breakneck speed. The idea that there are no limits is not unthinkable,

CG said...

My palm pilot held my life..then it died on me. I had it backed up but the palm itself just gave up the ghost. It was so traumatic I went back to a paper Filofax!!

i love new MP3 player and cellphone in particular.

Carolyn said...

I don't pretend to keep up with all of it these days, except when I need a specific product, then I research and go with what best suits my needs at the time.

What DOES fascinate me are the ever-evolving product industries that are brewed from the same pot. Take older companies like Motorola, RCA, Philco.. they had their own circuitboards, crystals, conductors, condensors, tubes.. that gave their products the competitive edge as they leap-frogged over each other with their improvements down the line.

Today, it's all a hodgepodge of who bought out who, who improved on who's schematics, who infringed on who's ideas, who is the better product... When the soup boils down to it, the same bone probably begat all of it, so to speak, lol!

BTW, you interview nicely young man! :)

Shephard said...

Because the prospect of new gadgets that make life more fun, and sometimes easier, is appealing. That's my guess. Though, sometimes, it complicates things as well... often, actually. Interesting how we get sucked into it.

Michele says hello!
~S :)

david santos said...

Hello, carmi!
This work is very good. thank you
have a good weekend

Free to Be said...

Because I'm Aquarius. It's something new to analyze and conquer.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

My My My, Carmi, you have been "out there"...! Good For You!
Gee....I have never had a Palm and probably never will and now maybe it's on the way to the obsolete heap??? Well, not really, I know, but you knbow what I mean....

Anonymous said...

As a reluctant techhie, (as in, I have to know due to my job) I think it's mostly peoples desire to show others up which keeps us reaching for the latest & greatest. Why else would people spend $2000. plus on an hd tv, & annother few hundred having new cable or satellite equipment. When they can get only, in the best circumstances 30 or 40 channels in hd & some of that not even true hd but upconverted?
Of course, I am a little predjudiced on this
Here from Micheles today.

Gyrobo said...

Personally, I'm only fascinated by technology because its the only thing standing between us and a fiery death at the hands of a nation-sized asteroid.

Oh, it's coming. Check your telescopes.

Anonymous said...

Good question Carmi...I know I am intrigued and read Popular Science and watch Discovery all the time.

Michael K. Althouse said...

I'm glad I chose a BlackBerry, although I'm eternally sorry that I extended my misery with Cingular/The New AT&T. Just as an aside... What does one have to do to make an anti-trust break-up stick. It took some years, but it looks as though AT&T has managed to grow back together again. Hmmm.


sage said...

Thanks for keeping me up with the tech stock news--now if you could have told me to dump it all in 2000 I might be a little closer to retirement.

I've never owned a palm.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy watching your interviews. Nice tie / shirt combo by the way :)

I would have to put a LOT of thought to intelligently answer why I think tech facinates us so. However I find it easy to think of the times that I've adopted one of these new technologies after finally "getting it". When you use an item and all of a sudden there is that moment of "Wow...this is realy cool and usefull!"

Michelle says hi.