Thursday, March 15, 2007

Shades, revisited

Venetian, too
London, Ontario, February 2007 [Click all images to enlarge]

Back when I posted a simple photo of tassels in front of wooden venetian blinds, I had no idea that a low-key image would prompt so much discussion (see Anna's entry on this theme for more.) There's something about simple scenes of subtle light that makes them memorable. I'm not sure why, but perhaps it's similar to the appeal of a small, independent film that tells a small story in a poignant manner as measured against the bombastic impact of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Sure, the explosions and car chases will get the headlines, but the quieter, real stories will linger in our minds for a much longer period of time. If we take the time to look, that is.

The question remains whether we are, in fact, taking that time. I hope so, because the real joys of living life as opposed to simply surviving it, lie in those little moments that happen in between the big ones. When we play with a child or take a moment to share a thought with a friend or be kind to an animal (named Frasier, perhaps), we remind ourselves that joy comes not from standing atop a pedestal while seeking the attention of others. Rather, it comes from doing the right things for the right reasons, often anonymously, simply because our hearts lead us there.

While some folks are so intent on the big message, the obvious show for everyone around them to see, others take a somewhat more down-to-earth perspective. As I look at pictures like these, I think of the soft light they cast on the quiet lives inside, and the lesson they hold for the rest of us.

Your turn: Small, subtle moments as a means of living life well. Please discuss.


bluemountainmama said...

what a thoughtful, serene post, carmi! i agree whole-heartedly, and have to remind myself daily to enjoy the small, seemingly mundane tasks and day-to-day activities instead of only thinking and living for those BIG moments!

i've wasted a lot of my life looking forward to future events instead of focusing on my everyday.

thanks for these wonderful thoughts!

Anna said...

Very nice Carmi. And very thoughtful. Isn't that what it is all about...enjoying the moments you are in? :)

CG said...

I am making a conscious effort to live more in the moment and not always be looking too far ahead.

kenju said...

Stopping to smell the roses (both literally and figuratively), taking time to enjoy nature, finding joy in the face of a child.

And Frasier is gorgeous.

Bobkat said...

Some of my most peaceful moments are when I am still and noticing something - I mean really noticing it as you describe. It's the little things that make life great so often!

Hope you and the puppy continues to settle in well.

Unknown said...

Yes, a very nice post. I find it fascinating what the eye first captures. Here in this photo,my first thought was different pieces of wood glued and clamped together for a table! These are nice blinds,Carmi and vary rare here where I live for some odd reason!

photowannabe said...

I had a small nice thing happen to me today. A friend delivered something to our house without being asked. It took time out of his schedule but he did it because of our friendship. It meant so much to us.
Nice shot too.

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

I like the second one a lot. Great shots, they give you a nice warm feeling.

I like living the quiet life, I am not a city person, London England nearly drove me insane. I dont like to be noticed or draw attention to myself, I just like to watch and enjoy the little things like walking along a beach when I can, watching my horses playing in the field, riding when I get the chance. I could never ride competitively, it would give me no joy to compete against others for the prize. If along the way I can make an impact with a few of my photographs that will make me very happy.

Great post today.


Shammickite said...

I think that bringing a new "baby" to the house, and watching the excitement grow in your children, and the wonderful welcome that has been offered to Frasier, has put these serene thoughts in your head. After all, it's the small things that make up the precious moments of everyday life, not the loud attention seeking headlines, they are soon forgotten.

Anonymous said...

What I love are those moments with friends when you're sharing a meal and having a really great laugh over something that is really nothing. Just that you are so in sync with the other person - you both see that same obtuse thing as hysterically funny. Or late evening drives home and that sense of comfort you get as your near the house, knowing your dog will be at the dog wagging her tail so hard she'll knock herself over. Things like that.

tommie said...

this thought exactly is what keeps me from rushing through this yearlong deployment ....I have to remember the babies are only two and three....I want them to have some fond memories even though their dad is gone for a bit. Thanks for the reminder.

Julie said...

I'm having a crap time. The guy who I've waited all my life for! has walked away with out giving me a reason - and we were discussing marriage. The world just looks grey and people just look like cardboard cut outs walking around. I can't feel anything. The sun on the trees used to light my heart but now I'm just empty and bereft.

Yesterday my daughters hamster got ill. It's so tiny tiny and totally reliant on us to care for it. We had to hold it tight while it squirmed (and bit) and put drops in it's tiny swollen eye.

For some reason I felt connected again, just for a moment felt the little things pain and felt good that we were caring for it and protecting it helpless though it is. I'm not an animal lover but just for a second then I felt alive again.

Doing the right thing at the right time even something insignificant and even when no one else sees is definitely good for the soul.