Saturday, March 24, 2007

Oeuf means egg

Breakfast of champions
London, Ontario, February 2007 [Click for a larger serving]

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As much as I've followed this time-honored advice for most of my life, I sheepishly admit my frequent failure to do so in recent months. As often as not, I simply run out of time in the morning and leave the house without so much as a glass of orange juice. Bad Carmi.

So on a quiet weekend when deadlines aren't screaming and the clock fades into irrelevance, I often have time to not only eat a delicious, nutritionally balanced breakfast, but I can also pull out the camera for some photographic fun. Even better, I have enough time to use the tripod, the remote, the whole enchilada.

Note: there were no enchiladas on this omelette. I had to draw the line somewhere. End culinary digression.

This time out, I enjoyed the geometry of the toast and how it contrasted with the swirliness of the eggs. Yes, I said swirliness. Every day a new word, apparently. I also liked the color. It spoke of warmth, and that comfortable place when I'm sitting at the kitchen table and everything that matters to me on this planet is sitting in plain view. It reminds me of that sense of peace when you don't need to do anything more than drink in the scene around you before tucking into that first meal of the day.

I guess I'm a morning person after all.

Your turn: Your perfect morning starts off with...?


Jill said...

I like the swirliness too. The only thing missing for me is the ketchup - - to which Husband tells me that I am a Freak! Can't eat my eggs without it! Have a great day. ;-)

awareness said...

A nice hot cup of tea, peace and tranquility. I'm a very early morning person (some say an insomniac, but I like to look at it more optimistically). It is my time to write and to read online stuff before my family wakes for the mad dash out the door.

My morning ritual.......also includes inhaling the sunrise off the Saint John River from my livingroom, over my second cup of hot steamy tea. Definately part of my balanced breakie. :)

Nestor Family said...

Okay... I will just be bold and say that my perfect morning begins with time with my hubby! *wink*

But on a food side of things... French toast! Chocolate chip pancakes! Breakfast foods ROCK!

Lori Schmidt (LoriProPhoto) said...

Sheesh you are too quick for me. This wasnt here a few minutes ago LOL.

Hmmmm breakfast, it is a meal I have never really eaten on a regular basis. On weekends I do on occasion. When I lived in South Africa and was single I used to go down to a local shopping mall with my business partner, hand in my film processing and printing to the local lab who was in the same building as a little coffee shop, where I used to have eggs and bacon, or whatever looked good that day, and coffee. This usually happened on a Sunday morning. We don't have anything like that here I am afraid and I am no longer single, so I feed the horses their breakfast and that is it LOL. Although your photo this morning has got the hunger pangs going.

Have a great Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Carmi, you're killing me here... I am on Day 31 of a 47 day fast for Lent! Otherwise my perfect breakfast would be in a diner with my wife, reading the paper or something suitably fun, sipping coffee. I just had Eggs Benedict or another favourite is a Fat Boy Breakfast while at Fintry on Lake Okanagan. Meanwhile the kids are playing in the diner playroom or a playground nearby!

Anna said...

Is swirliness a word? :)

Thanks for the laugh this afternoon!

BTW, my day starts with a Diet Coke...You thought you were bad! I can't believe I just admitted that to the blogworld! My husband and I arent coffee or tea drinkers so we stick with caffeine in other forms!


CynAnn said...

A nice cup of good coffee or hot tea
and quiet....if it's the weekend, then I want BREAKFAST. During the work week, I drive off to work with a homemade berry/banana smoothie.

Carli N. Wendell said...

. . . more sleep. And a cat standing on me. And then, more sleep.

CG said...

The day starts with a cup of coffee - I love to hear the sound of my husband grinding the beans then the lovely smell as it floats up through the house....

Anonymous said...

I generally don't eat until I get to work (my stomach doesn't like food THAT early...I usually have some fresh fruit or a bagel after I've been there for a while. I love the word swirliness. It's perfect.

Leah said...

A nice hot cup of tea for me. Eggs and bacon with some brown toast is a good breakfast for me.
I like sleeping-in in the weekends.

Happy Saturday Carmi!

Anonymous said...

Perfect morning? No where to be and a large cup o' joe.

I love breakfast foods, just not for breakfast. I know we're supposed to eat, but honestly, I have absolutely no appetite in the morning - zilch. But I LOVE the foods, so I tend to have breakfast, for dinner. *grin*

Once again, you've taken the mundane and made it interesting. I always look forward to visiting, Carmi.

rashbre said...

The light on this photo is great, especially on the large view.

I had toast his morning and some Java.

kenju said...

See, Carmi? I do what I'm told...LOL.

The prefect morning for me starts with eggs Benedict and cup after cup of steaming, black decaf! Or scrambled eggs and biscuits. I could eat eggs 24/7 and 3x per day!

Gyrobo said...

I like to start off each day with some Filet Mignon and a condor omelet.

Catherine said...

In thinking about your question I've come to the conclusion that I don't really chase after that word "perfect". There are too many sorts of enjoyment in the world to choose. I do like to ease into the day a little, relaxing with the newspaper or catching up on e-mails and blog friends before I rush out.
I like my toast browner than you do, apparently. Yours looks like bread to me.
Michele says hi.

Jamie Dawn said...

1. Sleep in
2. Make a hearty breakfast
3. All four of us (hubby & two teenaged kids) eat together

The four of us usually eat dinner together, but not breakfast.
Having my family nearby is the most important thing to me.

Those eggs look cheesy. Yummy!!
Wheat toast - good, healthy choice. :)
Now, drink your OJ!

Anonymous said...

The incredible edible egg. Eating is the one single thing I can do to effect my energy level and if I don't do it right I pay. Morning eggs are my friend. I hope you're all feeling better!

Linda said...

a good cup of German coffee....I strayed from my routine yesterday and got a cup of coffee at a donut shop (treated the kids to a donut breakfast). It was the worst coffee I'd had in FOREVER.

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Beautiful and quite mouth watering picture, my dear Carmu...! My Breakfast choices and favorites change from time to time....Right now I am in the English Muffin with Organic Almond Butter phase....Quite yummy, I must say.
But tyere was a time when I would have eggs...scrambled/boiled depending on my mood...Sometimes toast...Sometimes not, depending on what diet I am/was on...! Tomatoe Juice with those eggs, and now with the English Muffin, too!

OldLady Of The Hills said...

Oh Dear...As usual, I forgot to say Michele sent!

Anonymous said...

Carmi my breakfast choices range widely. I 'phase' through foods from Pop Tarts to Eggo waffles, to Raisan Bran cereal, to nothing but a cup of coffee.

However my perfect morning starts off with a day where the "clock fades into irrelevance" as you so eloquently put it, the coffee is freshly brewed and some good 'ol scrambled eggs are sitting on the plate right next to a heaping stack of bacon. Ummmmmm I can just SMELL that bacon now!

Anonymous said...

These days I'm hooked on Special K Vanilla Almond -- and a cup of steaming Cafe Vienna. How's that for product placement?

Love the photo -- but now I'm hungry!!!

scrappintwinmom said...

That looks soooo good. And yes, its missing ketchup. Heinz only, please.

A perfect morning for me starts off with the kids sleeping at someone else's house, so that I can sleep in. Next best thing would be a good, hot cup of coffee.

L said...

love this one for some reason :)