Saturday, June 16, 2007

Tail numbers

Four tails
Toronto, ON, May 2007 [Click to enlarge]

While walking to my gate for leg #2 of a 3-leg journey to China, I stopped by a large window after noticing how the tails of three parked Air Canada aircraft aligned so nicely. As I was idly tossing the scene around my head, a fourth aircraft made its way into the scene. I hurriedly grabbed my camera out of its bag and waited for the magic moment for the tails to align.

I guess I just like the geometry of aircraft tails. Yeah, I'm strange that way. Must be my Canadian roots.

Your turn: Do you find aircraft interesting to photograph? Why/why not?


OldLady Of The Hills said...

Love it! The minute I saw this picture I wanted to sing..."Oh Canada..." Great picture, Carmi.

I have not photographed many aircraft at all! Though I do think there is a beauty in camera has never been 'at the ready' or I didn't have it with me.

Thank you for always making me feel very special...and I have the feeling you do that with many people. It is a gift, for sure!
Those Doves? I particularly LOVED the picture where the ones feathers were ALL puffed clean and clear---you almost felt like you could touch those very soft feathers...!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Just needed to drop by and thank you for the kind words about my camera. I'm quite happy with it; I don't use it for much more than pictures of the kids and family, but it's still nice to hear that I've been given (by my dad, for whom it was a cast-off) a nice piece of equipment.

Now, to develop your eye for things... Or better yet, one of my own!

Anonymous said...

I have always loved airplanes. All shapes and sizes. My father always took me to the airshows and I absolutely loved them. I ate up all the history behind them because he knew alot. He loved them and he passed his love for them down to me. Thank you. This photo and post helped me remember that. I love a good airshow!

Anna said...

You arent the only one that loves that geometry Carmi. I like it as well. And I really have always liked that maple leaf....I love the reds in this.

Have a Happy Fathers Day!

Shortie said...

Rad shot my friend. I love aircraft, it reminds me of my youth. :) Hey, hit up my blog. I'm looking for inspiration for my OWN photography!

Unknown said...

Nice photo, Carmi. I like to see photos of planes flying. It's so incongruous to think that huge tin box can actually hold so many people and go up into the air and stay there. I love to see photos of planes taking off, too. It's magical.

Michele sent me.

Chad Oneil Myers said...

You're blog is one of my favorites to visit, man. Always enjoy your work.

I haven't photographed many aircraft "yet".

Gyrobo said...

I'm picturing a herd of those tails foraging for food in the middle of a Canadian forest.

Then human hunters come; they sell the tails' tanned pelts to airline companies, which weld them onto airplanes.

But then the ghosts of the tails take their revenge on humanity... at 25,000 feet.

Anonymous said...

Aircrafts are like women in high heels--they look different but always gracious regardless of the angle from which you take the picture.

Airplanes parked at the gate always wear that air of solemnity and sobriety to me. They belie this sense of responsibility, to carry hundreds of people over the pond to their destinations.

Moments shy of takeoff they demonstrate power and ambition to fight the mother-nature, the counter current and turbulence.

I'm always amazed and excited to see aircrafts.