Saturday, May 30, 2009

Archie's singular stupidity

Archie Andrews, perpetually time-challenged comic book anti-hero, made headlines this week when he announced - on his blog, no less - that he would be proposing to uber-bitchy Veronica Lodge instead of sweet and kind Betty Cooper.

It's all part of the runup to the 600th edition of the long-running comic series. And if I had to rate the effort on a social media success scale, I'd have to say it's an off the charts success. After all, here's a serial that's been behind the times for decades and was long ago written off as irrelevant by pretty much anyone who even remembers it.

My first thought when I saw the headlines this week was surprise. Surprise that Archie was even still published in the Internet Age. I assumed, apparently wrongly, that its prime audience had long ago moved on to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

I guess I was mistaken, for in one brilliant move, Archie has become headline news once more. I know most folks won't admit to secretly scoping out the supermarket checkout aisle as they count the days until #600 hits the stands, but it's an easy guess the publishers just added an extra zero or two to the bottom line.

(Quick note: the issue goes on sale this August. Until then, follow the inane discussion on Archie's/Jughead's blog.)

Marketing aside, Archie's choice makes me gag. If it takes 67 years for an indecisive, two-dimensional character to decide he'd prefer to spend his life with a vacuous shrew whose father has severe anger management issues, then there isn't a whole lot anyone can say to change his mind.

Yet when the alternative is Betty, kind, empathetic, so-much-hotter-for-her-plainness Betty, you've got to think that at the age of 67, Archie may be suffering from some as-yet undiagnosed disease that has compromised his judgment.

Your turn: You've got one line of advice to share with the eternally love-blind Archie Andrews. What do you say to him?

One more thing: It's Thematically Photographic's single-themed week. Click here to share your singular vision. Red hair notwithstanding.

Make that two. I came across these two exceptionally well-written perspectives on the Archie thing. Happy reading:
Betty, Veronica blinded by love (Canwest)
Gulp! After 7 decades, Archie picks Veronica (Toronto Star)


Lesley said...

You know, this would probably be akin to Charlie Brown finally getting to kick the football...unless that already happened, then I should probably just give up and go home!

invisible said...

Archie is not marrying sweet, sweet Betty, because they are
" just friends". He is marrying Veronica because she has a lot of money.They will be married for the amount of time it takes to claim 1/2 of her fortune ( don't worry, Mr.& Mrs. Lodge will die in a tragic accident, leaving the fortune to their only child).
Then Archie will divorce her and come out of the closet and live a fabulous lifestyle with his "longtime companion" Jughead.
( really,think about it. How do you think he got that nickname. Jughead? c,mon.)

nancy (aka money coach) said...

I *knew* it about Jughead. I just knew it. Good on them. Hope all goes as planned. Netchick says hi too.

David Edward said...

don't let 2d persons reproduce, that is what I say

thanks for your visits and your kind comments Shalom

Cloudia said...

Archie represents the "Average American" who has chosen the b-goddess of success (never satisfied) over the reliable, truer companionship of his female peer......Sociology anyone?
ps: is a "net book" adequate for a blogger to use daily? Thanks!

Star said...

More than likely,Betty has moved on and created a full and rewarding life without Archie. ANd one hs to wonder if Veronica will be as smitten with Archie now that she has him.

Glennis said...

Betty's WAY better off without him.

Michael K. Althouse said...

I was on my way over here anyway, but stopped by Tanya's M&G first - and look where she sent me. Weird, uh?

I agree with you regarding the marketing wisdom of the writers/publisher. A stroke of genius and one that is is founded upon the shock value we so seem to crave in this day and age.

I didn't bother to peruse the links you so kindly provided because, quite frankly, Archie has been irrelevant to me for a very long time. But from an academic/psychological/business sense, it has its elements of intrigue - but for me, it will have to wait until or if some sort research sends me that way.


Mojo said...

Archie, Archie, Archie... Mary Ann was SO much hotter than Ginger. Get a clue.

But if Archie's not into substance, give Betty my number okay?

Speaking of single gulls...

Thematic Photographic 51: "Single" v.5.0

LZ Blogger said...

When I was a kid, I loved both Betty and Veronica! ~ jb///

Barbara said...

Oh my goodness --- Archie and Veronica and Betty, et al!! While my brothers read Superman and Batman comics I was reading Archie comics. Please don't even try to do the math because I will deny, deny, deny that I am old enough to have read original Archie comics!! Of course I didn't start from the very first edition!! Like many others, I didn't think these kids were still around!! I just figured they faded into the 1950s archives along with Richie and Fonzie!

Thanks for the time travel... it is good to know that some of life's innocence is alive and well, even if that innocence survived for 67 years!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

I rarely read the Archie comics, but I am disappointed in his choice.

Another girl next door