Sunday, May 17, 2009

Caption This 121

Walk with me
London, ON
April 2009

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About this photo: This week's Thematic Photographic theme is "human". Please click here for more background.
I don't know where she came from. But as I walked to the nearby grocery store to pick up some fixins for the pantry, I almost bumped into her as she slowly matched her progress to her dog's. I smiled at both of them - dog owner thing, I guess - and watched them continue past me.

As I continued on my way, I couldn't stop thinking about this quiet, dignified lady in the beige hooded jacket and pink hat. At first glance - usually all she'd get from most passers-by - it seemed like a sad scene. But on further reflection, it really wasn't.

If dogs are indeed humankind's best friend, then I quite obviously had just witnessed a very simple-yet-powerful relationship in action. She took care of the dog despite her own challenges, and the dog reciprocated in kind by being her friend. We should all be so lucky to have such connectedness.

Your turn: The golden years. Please discuss.

About last week's photo of real estate brochure boxes: I took this photo because they were almost personified in their placement, bunched together against the cold, grey day. You were similarly moved by the moment, as evidenced by this week's Honorable Menschens:
  • Linda: "A roof over our heads."
  • Robin: "Free, to a good home."
  • Terri: "Downsizing."
  • Hilary: "Once again, Big Bird wins Monopoly with excess housing on Sesame Street's Boardwalk."
  • Dana: "Gated community."
Martin takes it with "Shrunken housing market" which, in a great bit of timing, seems to sum up how so many of us are feeling these days. He hails from Manchester, England, and his photojournalist's soul is obvious in every picture he takes. His blog, Moments in time, is an absolute delight.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thanks for the mention!

"Walking Miss Daisy"


b13 said...

The one pup power added to his ride made all the difference in the world. said...

Here in the UK they have a double car and a sweet old couple drive it around our town, ill get shot of them too and post it if I can. What i want to know is how does she scoop the poop?

Roman said...

Hehe. I'm sure there isn't much poop scooping going on there, but you got to give the lady kudos for taking her dog for a walk or roll or whatever. It is fun to see things like this. Makes you think, as you said. :)

momemts in time said...

Hi Carmi and thank you very much for the generous comments.

Would you have taken it without the pink hat?

"Every other dog I know says that its owner always charges the battery"

"One dogpower (1dp)"

"Flat battery again, just as we go uphill"

awareness said...

I smiled right away at this photo Carmi...lovely sight! Dignified is the perfect word.

Rolling and Strolling

Made for each other

Canine kindred

Unconditional Friendship

Motorized Independence

Hot Pink Spirit

Feisty Friends

Robin said...

"Whither thou goest"

awareness said...

The Incredible Journey

Mojo said...

I'm not sure there is a caption for this. I'm not even sure it needs one.

But that said, I can't touch "Walking Miss Daisy". After that anything I can think of seems lame.

I have a different kind of dog walker for today... (pun intended)

Thematic Photographic 49: "Human" v.5.0

invisible said...

Though Margie was traing for the Iditarod, the bookies still had her at 15,000 to 1.

Sara said...

come on mum, can't you speed that thing up a bit, i've got a scent here

Sara said...

kindred spirits

PastormacsAnn said...

So sweet.

"Taking her for a walk."

Pamela said...

Scooter & Neuter

Pamela said...

or...maybe that should have been
Two Scooters

That is what I thought when I first saw it. I've known a few dogs named Scooter

David Edward said...

ladies in pink hats walking their Shitzou's should be protected from paparazzi
Put down the Camera

Jean said...

* It's just you and me. As always. Nothing else matters.

Jean said...

* Where do you want to go today?

* Let's sit here for a while - I am rather tired..