Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caption This 122

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London, ON, April 2009

About this photo: It's a week of signs here at Written Inc. If you want in on the Thematic Photographic goodness, click here.
Grocery stores have always been happy places to take my camera (see here, here and here for earlier examples.) I'm not sure if it's the subject matter as much as it is the subversiveness of it all. The risk of getting caught adds a certain edge to the process: Compose in your mind, prep settings, compose and shoot before a store employee sees you. It all happens so quickly that you don't have much opportunity to second guess yourself.

And if you do get caught, make sure you have a funny excuse. Talking your way out of being ejected from the store only adds to the experience.

Your turn: Please suggest a caption for this image. Click on the comment link and go to town - multiple entries welcome. I'll post the winner next Sunday. If you're new to Caption This, please click here for more background. Oh, and while you're at it, what should I shoot the next time I'm at the grocery store? More importantly, will any of you bail me out if I get caught?

About last week's photo of a sweet old lady walking her dog: I wish every moment could be as genteel as this one. I wasn't the only one. Honorable menschens go to the following good folks:
  • Dana: "Made for each other."
  • Sara: "Kindred spirits."
  • Jean: "Where do you want to go today?"
Terri takes it with "Walking Miss Daisy." It just fits, and it wouldn't surprise me if the dog's name actually was Miss Daisy. Terri's one of the few people on the planet who's stuck a needle in my arm. She's a nurse who used to work the floor at the blood donation clinic here in London, but has since moved up the ladder - very good for her career, but the donors all miss her. She doesn't have a blog, but someone near and hear to her does - guaranteed to make you smile.


rashbre said...

I smiled at the idea of the furtively taken snap inside the grocery store. Its redolent of shoplifting without the criminal part. Yet we all feel guilty when we are taking sly shots of regular goods like you've done in the picture.

There's the possibility of a whole new competition category around this. Sort of 'photograph that ______ , in store...'

Enjoy the weekend.


Mojo said...

You know what's funny is that when I take my camera to a restaurant, I'm almost always instantly assumed to be a critic, or at least a journalist (I'm neither, just for the record). And with just a touch more chutzpah, I could probably leverage this assumption somehow... a free appetizer or something. But I've never quite been able to pull it off with a straight face.

Maybe I should work on that. Especially in this economy.

Meanwhile I'll catch up on my sign language for the week with these:

Thematic Photographic 50: "Signs" v.5.0Thematic Photographic 50: "Signs" v.4.0

invisible said...

And the cotton eunichs shed a tear, knowing their reproductive organs have been sold for so little.

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thank you for the honour of a win!
I will expect the prize the next time you are in to donate (if you recruit another to make a donation of plasma, it will count as the prize).

P.S. I miss the direct interaction with the Donors as well. I try to say hello when I am able to.

Jinksy said...

On the ball, I see!

colleen said...

I'm thinking: Get a life.

David Edward said...

my local grocery has a sign forbidding taking photos or video.
I never knew why until I met you

Andi said...

Freshly piled just for you.

invisible said...

You might want to not mix up your cotton balls with your marshmallows.
I'm just sayin' is all.

Cynthia J. Coleman said...

Cotton as fresh as it was at the farm.

Star said...

It reminderd me of the AC/DC song "Big Balls". I was wondering if you took the photo in an A&P. I work for a subsidiary and "We're Fesh Obsessed" was one an ad campaign. We had to answer the phone. "SuperFresh, we're Fresh Obsessed. My name is so & so , how can I help you" Most people said we could start with a shorter greeting.

Linda said...

picked just this morning, and bagged for your convenience.

awareness said...

Obsessed with squeezing Charmin? Try giving these a squeeze...

A gal can never have enough balls in her life.

Cottony softness at your fingertips

Clouds in a Bag

Does your husband snore incessantly? Can't sleep? Try these!

No rabbits were killed while manufacturing this product.

Unknown said...

"I once dated a girl who was the same way!" :)

Dan Brown said...

"We're breast obsessed"

Mojo said...

"Shouldn't your shopping cart feel good all under too?"

Mmmm....aybe not.

I got nothin'. Except this:
Thematic Photographic 50: "Signs" v.6.0

Anonymous said...

After reading all these I cannot compete but awareness has the winner too darn funny!

Anne said...

weevils beware