Sunday, May 10, 2009

Caption This 120

Please help me caption this photo
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London, ON, February 2009
About this photo: If it's got yellow in it, we want to see it. Thematic Photographic's all over this incredible shade this week. Head here to be (bee?) part of the action.
You never know what you'll find when you peer over the fence of the city-owned equipment depot. Most people don't know it's there, and even if they did, they'd likely never take the time to look inside. What's interesting, after all, about a dirty, dusty wasteland filled with garbage trucks, piles of materials and other forgettable equipment? Never mind that this is what keeps the city more or less running - most folks simply can't be bothered to take a second look. Or even a first, for that matter.

But the really tall snowbank beside the chain link fence was too inviting. So while I waited for the end-of-day bell to ring at the munchkins' school, I climbed up, leaned precariously against a tree that swayed ominously in the wind, and shot away. Other parents stared, doubtless concluding I had finally lost it. I smiled at the thought of being judged for diverging from the herd. I'd rather follow my own decidedly different route, anyway.

Your turn: Now that I've taken it, I need your help naming it. Can you come up with a caption that best describes this photo? You can be as funny, flip or out-there as you wish. You can suggest as many as your brain can come up with - just click on the comment link below and go to town. We'll be taking suggestions all week, and will announce the winner next Sunday. For more background on our weekly Caption This funfest, click here.

About last week's disco-themed photo: Nostalgia's a powerful thing, and I'm glad you were able to take this journey back with me. Honorable menschens go to the following kind, creative folks:
  • Terri: "Time warp."
  • Hilary: "Over thirty years later and still Stayin' Alive."
  • Dana: "One rhythm wonder" and "Studio 54 wannabe."
  • Moments in time: "The YMCA is next door" (Ironic, given the real YMCA is just a few blocks away.)
Daryl's "Where's the ball?" takes it this week. Daryl's perspectives on New York City, in words and images, are not to be missed. She has a way of dissecting the everyday in ways that inspire me to look at my own neighborhood in different ways. Click here to visit her - you'll be a fan in no time.


invisible said...

These little yellow houses are actually starter homes in the first time home buyers budget.
They will be described by the real estate agent as "cozy" or "charming" or even as "a fixer upper with room to grow"

Linda said...

"...I don't know, do you think we should try to make a break for it?"

a roof over our heads

srp said...

Signs of things to come?

For some reason.. that same song pops into my head...
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes made of ticky tacky,
Little boxes on the hillside,
Little boxes all the same.
There's a green one and a pink one
And a blue one and a yellow one,
And they're all made out of ticky tacky
And they all look just the same.

So many things make me think of that song I heard in childhood... hmm... analyze that!

Chris said...

Yep, that's just about all I could afford if I actually could afford a house in the Vancouver real estate market.

Fortunately, I can afford a condo (and hopefully in Steveston).

Oh.. by the way, Netchick sent me. That's just how she rolls.

momemts in time said...

"From a giant sized Monopoly game"

"Shrunken housing market"

"I knew this was an expensive place to live darling but is this really all we can afford"

"In the financial markets news is that "Tonka Toys" have taken over the manufacturer of the classic board game Monopoly"

"I knew we should not have employed that town planner in our plastics department"

Well Carmi said "You can have any colour you want as long as it is yellow..."

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...



Real, a state

Band of gold

Real(i)ty show

Free, to a good home

Mass appeal

(I totally forgot to enter my captions from last week, but loved the ones you choose; you DO love to take spy pictures, don't you?)

Anonymous said...

I see them all hanging out together and it looks like "Home Depot"

awareness said...

Housing Scrum

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thanks for the mention!

"Cluster Housing"


"Bob the Builder's Place"


Pamela said...

"We all live in a yellow sub prime crisis..."

David Edward said...

'real estate magazine box' unemployment office line

Hilary said...

Once again, Big Bird wins Monopoly with excess housing on Sesame Street's Boardwalk.

sister AE said...

Before I read the lettering on the sides I couldn't help but think, "another gossip column gets its start."

Then when I enlarged it I realized I was looking at "the shrinking real estate market," but it looks like someone beat me to that line. Oh, well!

awareness said...

The Market Cornered.

Price Collusion

Hedging Their Bets

Show and Tell

Marginalized Housing

Playground Bullies

Gated Community

torontopearl said...

Contents Sale.

Waterfront Property.

No news is good news.

Windows of Opportunity.

Jean said...

* The little people gathered together - it was time for school.


Jean said...

* Buy one Real Estate, get one free.

* All arrows point to The Real Sky-state

Jean said...

* Homes for cuckoos

Anne said... a cozy gated comunity...

Sara said...

really free real estate

Jean said...

* It's creepy and cold and ugly all around, let's huddle and keep each other warm..

* They brought us here, dumped us in the rain and took off.. what are we to do?

* Join the team, they said. See the world, they said..