Sunday, May 03, 2009

Caption This 119

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Montreal, QC, August 2008

Montreal's Crescent Street is home to an ever evolving patchwork of restaurants and bars. It's ground zero for the city's party scene, and has long been considered the place to see and be seen. So when my wife and I went out on a date last summer - yes, we still go on dates. Cool, huh? - we pointed our feet here and wandered around until we found something promising.

It ended up being across the street from Sir Winston Churchill's Pub, better known as Winnie's. When the late Nick Auf Der Maur - an influential and much-loved columnist and civic politician - was alive, this was where he connected with the city. I took a few quick pictures of the streetscape, and this one in particular struck me as somewhat out-of-date. Nostalgia notwithstanding, who the heck uses this term anymore? I thought it would fit nicely with this week's musical Thematic Photographic theme.

Your turn: I need your help coming up with a caption for this photo. I know you won't let me down, so please click the comments link and go nuts.

About last week's egg photo: Lots of wonderful suggestions for this one, so let's dive right in. Our honorable menschens are:
  • David: "Now we can see clearly that the Egg came first."
  • Colonel Sanders: "Desperate to eggscape - the embryo hatched a plan."
  • Barb: "Future generation."
  • Jean: " Such perfection is not destined to last."
Carli takes it with "First!" I guess we finally have an answer to the age-old question, thanks to her. Carli's a New Yorker with a wonderful perspective on life with a cat who thinks he's human, an industry that's reinventing itself and a city that always generates more questions than answers. She's a delightful read.


Edie said...

Hi Carmi - Netchick sent me.

I love Montreal and hope to go back there again soon!
"What else."

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!

"Time Warp"


Hilary said...

Over thirty years later and still Stayin' Alive.

Mojo said...

I'll have to think about a caption... for the moment the only thing that won't get out of my head is "Dat go too", courtesy of an old 70's song called "Dis Go Dis Way, Dis Go Dat Way" (lame, I know...)

But I WILL take t his opportunity to catch everyone up on my latest Musical offerings.:
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torontopearl said...

Disco Goes Green (right to the compost heap!)

David Edward said...

Carli is truly a winner, I am honored to be rummer up this time around. Happy spring time friend.

nancy (aka moneycoach) said...

"what's that?"

Netchick sent me :)

David Edward said...

there goes the Boston Globe

awareness said...

One Rhythm Wonder

Never Loved to Love Ya Baby....

Stayin' Alive Unfortunately

A Beat Never to Repeat.

Turn Out the Strobe Lights. Its Time to Call it a Night.

Studio 54 Wannabe

Daryl said...

Where's the ball?

Mojo said...

How about:

"Well I know this ain't Comiskey Park!"
"Bet Steve Dahl hasn't seen this."
(My age is showing, I know.)

"Look Mom, a museum!"
"Deliver me from polyester."
"Be afraid. Be very afraid. Panic, even."

Anonymous said...

To tie in this photo to your musical photo theme, Nick Auf Der Maur is the father of Melissa Auf der Maur, who was the bassist for Hole ( Courtney Love's band, she who married and sucked the life out of Kurt Cobain.) Melissa is a highly regarded musician.

Bradley B.

Jean said...

* Everything here is black and white!

Anne said...

Not the barre I was looking for

momemts in time said...

Hi Carmi

"Mania" or "Disco mania"

"Hey grand-dad what's a disco?"


"Museum" or "Disco Museum"

"The YMCA is next door"