Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caption This 123

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London, ON, April 2009 [Click to embiggen]
About this photo: As part of the latest Thematic Photographic theme, we're sharing single-themed photos all week long. It's quite an easy one this time out: if the pic includes only one thing in it, we want to see it. Head on over here to jump in. I promise it won't hurt.
London's home to more Canada Geese than I can count. They're stunning to watch in flight, though I must admit they have quite the nasty streak if you encounter them on the ground. High speed cyclists would also do well to proceed carefully in areas where they're known to gather. Don't ask how I know this.

Still, watching them skim low over the water is one of the simple joys I can never tire of.

Your turn: Please caption this photo. Just click on the comment link below and give it your best shot. Multiple submissions are always welcome, as are collaborations. Be as funny and creative as you wish: I'll announce the winner next Sunday. For more background on Caption This - including instructions - please click here.

About last week's photo of a cotton ball display in the grocery store: I love funny signs, especially those that are created unintentionally. I guess when you're working at the grocery store and are under pressure to keep the shelves stocked, the customers satisfied and the inventory from walking itself out the door, agonizing over word choices on in-store signage probably isn't your top priority.

This week's honorable menschens include the following good folks:
  • Jinksy: "On the ball, I see!"
  • Dan Brown: "We're breast obsessed"
  • Mojo: "Shouldn't your shopping cart feel good all under too?"
Dana wins the prize with "A gal can never have enough balls in her life." I've written about Dana previously - she's a repeat CT winner - so I won't belabor the point beyond this: You must read her. Go. Now. Great blogging shall ensue.


hahamommy said...


Anonymous said...

Goose of the lake tastes like chicken of the sea.

Charlie the Tuna

awareness said...

"Hey guys! Wait up!"

Carmi! You made my day. I was only writing the truth. :)

I do have an idea for last week's single theme too....just have to set up the photo shoot.

ps. Here's to staying ahead of deadlines. :)

colleen said...

"Winging it." That's what I was doing today when I was interviewed on live radio about the McKibben talk in Floyd. I don't know how you do it so calmly, Carmi. Luckily I was one of four there so I had a little time in between feelings of panic.

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

Free bird

kenju said...

No captions here, Carmi, but I think we have as many Canada geese in Raleigh as you do up there!

David Edward said...

bird force One

Jean said...

* The Early Bird

* One last catch and I am done for the day..

* Miles to fly before I sleep

(Dunno why, I get the feeling that the bird is quite tired and is longing for that last mile home)

Linda said...

I love it when I go to work traffic!

Darn, I can't quite reach the water...

Jean said...

(Dunno whether this comment got logged earlier)

* One more flap brings me closer to home

* Water water everywhere, not a drop to drink

Anne said...

I have to land in the water?