Thursday, May 28, 2009

Premiering in Betanews

If you've followed my side life as a tech analyst, you may recall I've been quoted in Betanews a number of times over the past couple of years. I've long enjoyed working with this organization because it's got deep techie roots, doesn't pander to its audience, and gives me a chance to explore topics more thoroughly than most other outlets. It's intelligent tech media, period.

My ultimate goal is to be a regular contributor to as many tech media as is humanly possible, so I'm pleased to report I'm one step closer today. Starting today, I'm publishing a new twice-weekly column in Betanews. It's entitled Wide Angle Zoom, and I'll be exploring the big picture issues that matter the most in the tech industry. Here's the first piece:

Five Vista perception problems Windows 7 must overcome

Hope you enjoy the read(s)!


Mojo said...

Most excellent! Good on ya big guy. Betanews is lucky to have you on board.

lissa said...

New column, clever title, great writing (as always) AND informative too...(not to mention a lovely picture, Mr. L)...thanks for the share, this goes into Bookmarks! Well done, Carmi!

invisible said...

Betanews? Betanews?
Poor,poor Carmi. I hate to tell you this, but.... No one uses Beta anymore. You should try writing for VHS news. I think you would find a larger audience.
Oh, wait a minute.....apparently VHS isn't the popular mode of entertainment it once was.
O.K., try CD news. I hear all the kids today are using CD's. If you write for this medium, you will be hip and happening.
Oh, just a minute,.... what do you mean CD's are so five minutes ago, now it's memory stick?
Forget it, just use telepathy, it's only a matter of time....

David Edward said...

good name for the column
wide angle zoom...
Klattu being silly ALMOST threw me off
speaking of Off, I am off to read some of what you wrote
( too much tech clogs my brain pores)

Michael K. Althouse said...

Good stuff. Although I am very happy with my macs, there was a time when Windows was my world. However, as I moved away from techie to end user, all I really want my machine to do is work and my Macs do that virtually every time without any issues. True, I have had an occasional glitch here and there, but nothing like always having to defend them from the constant onslaught of the outside world.

I miss my Windows every now and again, but it is rare. On the other hand, I absolutely LOVE MS Office.

Tanya sent me over - glad she did.


Gordon said...

Good Article I may just have to find a machine to try it on, but I don't wanna run it on my 24/7 box just yet.

Surcie said...

Hey, Carmi! Thanks a bunch for the comment. I've been a major slacker when it comes to blogging/reading blogs. Good to see you're still active, though. I hope your family is well.