Sunday, July 05, 2009

Caption This 128

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St. Thomas, ON, June 2009
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The scene: Traffic into this year's airshow in St. Thomas is unbelievably heavy. It's taken over 2 hours to cover the final 5 km. By the time my daughter and I finally get to the airport entrance, Ontario Provincial Police wave us away from the parking area. I park the wondervan on the side of the main road in front of the airport, hoping quietly that no one will tow me away.

As we climb out and join up with friends who coincidentally arrived at the same time we did (quick aside: G-d bless the iPhone and the BlackBerry) we see a streak from the right. My jaw drops: It's an F-15. Make that three F-15s - F-15C models, the uncompromised definitions of the penultimate dogfighter for over a generation. It dawns on me I haven't seen Eagles fly since before we had kids. They are, frankly, soul-shattering to watch.

Unfortunately I'm stuck on the side of the road, on the outside looking in, in the middle of a wandering - and apparently unaware - crowd. I yank my camera out of the bag, adjust settings and start shooting. No planning, no anything...just wildly following these streaks in the sky and hoping I can stop them just long enough to get something.

They're flying so low that I end up with some neat juxtapositions. Telephone poles, hangars, and in this case, kids. As the Eagles light off their afterburners and turn for home, I think to myself that it just wouldn't have been the same had we already been patiently waiting for their arrival beside the flight line. Sometimes, outside looking in is the best place to be, even if it doesn't seem that way at first.

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About last week's smokestacks photo: The colder it gets, the better the smoke and steam, so I'm sure it'll be a while before I can capture anything remotely like this. As ever, you all rose to the occasion. Honorable menschens go to these great folks:
  • Terri: "Clouded Judgement"
  • Pamela: "Hackey Stack."
  • Dana: "Fabricating Formations."
  • Mojo: "Designated Smoking Area."
  • Mel Fraase: "Three Stacks to the Wind!"
Michael Manning takes it with "When will we learn?" Michael is a journalist and one of my earliest, inspirational reads upon becoming a blogger. You owe it to yourself to read him - just click here.


Anonymous said...

Here's mine:

"Sarah I told you this isn't where we checked in for our flight. Now look, we've missed it."

kenju said...

"Off we go" is pretty lame, but it's all I've got.

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

* Be right back after dropping a few bombs just over there!

* What're you all oglin' at anyway?

Mojo said...

I remember watching a flight demo of the F-15E Strike Eagles at Seymour Johnson AFB years ago. The E-models were almost discontinued until their performance in Gulf War I turned out to be so surprisingly superior. Basically, this is a C-model with an extra seat equipped for ground attack missions in addition to air superiority. Sort of like a two-seater Hornet, only land based. And bigger. And probably faster.

And very, very frightening if you're on the other side of the engagement.

I somehow missed posting my last Aviation link, so you get a two-fer on this one. As for a caption... I'm sure something witty will come to me, but it isn't just this moment.

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Thematic Photographic 56: "Aviation" v.5.0

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Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Vrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I know,not quite the noise a plane makes, but it's late and I just couldn't put it into letters! :D

PastormacsAnn said...

What an amazing capture. I admire that you always seems ready with the camera to catch these ones, Carmi. You inspire me.

Here's my caption:

A fly-by shooting.

awareness said...

Out of formation.

Watch out for the clothesline!

Dogged Daredevils...

Great photo Carmi.... you always inspire and because of you, my little camera comes with me wherever i go.