Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vignette - Hung out to dry

Energy efficient
Montreal, QC, May 2008
About this photo: This photo supports this week's Thematic Photographic theme, laundry. Yes, I am indeed that weird. Head over here for the launch entry that (hopefull) explains my insanity. And have fun with it!
The scene: A sunny Sunday afternoon a year ago May. I'm on the slopes of Montreal's Mount Royal. I've just parked the car and am walking up the hill with my wife and my mother. We're headed to the hospital to visit my father, who's been here for much of the week, another chapter in an ever lengthening book.

It's a stunningly beautiful day that stands in stark contrast to the reason that we're here and the generally depressed state of the surrounding neighborhood. You don't walk alone here at night. And even during the day, you keep your eyes open. I'm feeling subdued as I fall behind my wife and mom, and as I look for some kind of goodness in a landscape that seems to offer none, my eyes fall upon a colorful third floor balcony at the back of an otherwise forgettable tenement. Laundry flaps in the wind, defying the drab of the surrounding area with a spirit that seems completely out of place in a place where no one seems to smile.

I know I'll fall further behind if I take the time to take the shot, but I decide I need to do something to break myself out of my melancholy mood before I head upstairs and attempt to accomplish the same feat with my father. It's never easy, of course, but no one ever said it had to be, right?

Your turn: Beauty in a decidedly unbeautiful place and time. Please discuss.


Barbara said...

Hi, Carmi. I hope to get in on the TP this week, but in the meantime I have a treat for you. The USS Dwight D Eisenhower pulled into port today and my son got some terrific photos of the homecoming. I just had to share!

awareness said...

Carmi....great theme idea this week, and I love both of your photos. I've posted my contribution and a rather longish post to go with it. I got on a laundry roll and couldn't stop myself.... :) Too much "Bounce" in my brain this morning I think.

I've got to learn how to do the "link" thing for comments.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing to me how many photos with laundry hanging on a balcony this theme is producing. I had no idea it was done that often. Have a Happy Positive Day, 2009 Aloha

Star said...

Your photo makes me think of a visit to Japan, where this was a very common sight in urban areas. Don't think I took any photos of it though. I guess I'll have to go back.

David Edward said...

"whatever gets you through the night" Beatles

colleen said...

I love taking photos of laundry. I also love when a flower grows up from a sidewalk crack and when Netchick sends me over for an overdue visit with you!

Jientje said...

I think beauty is everywhere. if we just open our eyse to see it, no?

Gyrobo said...

Several months ago, I was walking along the public rail trail near my house. Spring was just beginning, and most of the foliage was still budding.

There was a single, bright red flower growing on the otherwise dull walkway. Here's a picture of it.

I remember feeling exactly as you described.

Country Girl said...

Came over here because of the extraordinarily well-written and quite kind comment left on my blog by you.
And I've added you to my blogroll because of my visit here today.
The photo is fine; it's not the photo I'd like to address but rather the words that you penned. I am always falling behind and can certainly relate to that as I read how you captured the shot and what was happening in your life at the time. And THAT is what touched me. How the photo came about and that it was the one spot of color in an otherwise bleak landscape.

Good post.

Here's some of my own laundry. It's just sheets, but oh, well!

cactus petunia said...

Hi, Carmi. I've been away for awhile, but here's a post (with pictures) I did about laundry. It's a continuing theme in my life, it seems!

how not to do laundry

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

Good idea for a theme! in unexpected places. I am going to say the horse barn. There are tons of insects that make intricate homes for themselves (such as bees, spiders, etc.) in the barn. It is like nature's way of decorating for me! ;0)

Mojo said...

In the right light with the right composition pretty much anything can be beautiful. Or at least interesting. I really have to catch up my links for this week's theme, but it's been all I could do to get them posted in between all the various tasks associated with moving my son. Who knew that moving one room's worth of stuff could be so involved?

Anyway. My second offering sort of illustrates what you're talking about, if not in such a wonderfully poignant fashion.
Thematic Photographic 60: "Laundry" v.2.0 - "Still a Classic"