Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lost on the grass

All alone
London, ON, May 2008
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Someone in our family celebrated a birthday yesterday. His third, to be precise. Not that he'd know it, but he must have sensed the greater than usual frequency of hugs and kisses from his human family. I know this because every time someone held him, he lay his head down on their shoulder in Finnigan-esque style.

Frasier is quite the good-hearted soul, and he's burrowed himself rather nicely into the fabric of our family since the day we brought him home just over two years ago. We still don't understand how his original family was able to neglect such a wonderful pet, but we're thankful that the planets aligned and allowed him to find us.

As I watched our kids buzz around him from the moment he woke up to tuck-in time, I found myself wishing every birthday he has from now on - and indeed, every day in between - could be as charmed as yesterday was.

The world would be a happier place if everyone in it could feel that kind of unmitigated adoration. Sure, it's a distant dream, but one I hold onto nonetheless.

Your turn: A dog's life. Please discuss.


Cloudia said...

I share your dream of sweetness.
aloha from Waikiki, Carmi

Comfort Spiral

Star said...

I am sure Frasier is also glad the stars aligned and brought him into your family.

Nestor Family said...

Thank you for sharing your family dog stories with us. My heart is so warm and happy after reading them.

Depending on what dog you are, your life could be wonderful (as in Frasier's) or be miserable. (Read about the dog fighting bust in Missouri recently? Those poor doggies.) But those pooches all have a charm to woo those with kind hearts to love them, no? Now if more people would just do that.

David Edward said...

woof, arrf howwwwlll

Mojo said...

I've taken to saying that in my next life I want to be my dog. Or one of the dogs belonging to the good dog people I know. And I know a bunch of 'em. I might make a good dog I think... I hope I would anyway.

I can't begin to tell you (nor do I need to I think) the kind of joy I get from having Tonka as my best buddy. I feel guilty sometimes, wondering if I'm half as good a friend to him as he is to me. One thing is certain, he's never very "distant" from me if he's given a choice in the matter. Or, frankly, if I'm given a choice in the matter. In my vision of a perfect world, I have a job that allows me to take him with me everywhere. And all the places I go are dog-friendly.

No question, if humans were more like dogs the world would be a nicer place. Nice pipe dream, huh?

Anyway, it seems that I've once again been lax in linking up my entries. So I'm catching up 2 days worth with:

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Thematic Photographic 57: "Distant" v.3.0

srp said...

As I read this, my rescue cocker, Daisy is sleeping in her usual "she's at the computer again" napping place. Frasier does look a bit distant there... Daisy is feeling a bit anxious.. her little dog friends next door are moving today and she will no longer have a group to sniff and wag tails with through the fence. I wonder if she will have Frasier's expression in a day or two.

Happy Birthday to Frasier. Daisy's 1st anniversary with us is coming up in August. I too hope that she will have a life here filled with so much joy and love that it will totally push any memory of the horrible lost or abused times away.

MorahMommy said...

Happy Birthday day to our sweet, sweet Frasier. He has most definitely enriched our lives!

He is such a good boy, even when he does naughty things! :D

We love you birthday boy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Fraiser. What an excellent post. A real pick me up. It amazes me what animals can do for a family. Aloha :)

Beverly said...

A lovely post, Carmi. You all are and the dog.