Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Nortel's post-bankruptcy popularity

Sometimes, you have to disappear for a bit to get folks to appreciate you. Nortel's learning this the hard way after a years-long streak of bad luck and stupidity (mostly stupidity) that saw it lose $7 billion, tens of thousands of employees (and their pensions), and any credibility it once had as Canada's high-flying poster child of technological leadership.

The beleaguered company finally declared bankruptcy in January, and now a veritable circus has erupted around the sale of its remaining assets. This week, the battle revolves around the Wireless unit. Interestingly, everyone wants in, and as always, I've got some rather pointed opinions on what it means to Canadians, and why this issue represents something of a turning point for the future of tech in this country. If we get it right, we essentially still have a future on a global scale. If we botch it and give away the farm, we open the door to a gutted tech landscape and a branch office mentality for time immemorial.

Simple, really, and now would be a really good time for some leadership from the folks we elected to, you know, lead.

[Oops, sorry I got a little carried away there. I guess I care about this stuff. Lots.]

As often happens when a major tech/business story flares up, my phone's been ringing with requests asking me to help make sense of it all. Earlier today, I spoke with CBC Newsworld's Nancy Wilson (can't find the video, but they quoted me here), 570 News Kitchener's Gary Doyle, CHQR Calgary's Dave Rutherford, and, coolness of coolness, am scheduled to do a live interview with CTV's Canada AM tomorrow (Wed.) at 7:10 a.m. EDT.

I guess it'll be a long night of catching up on the regular work that still needs doing. No rest for the wicked...

This just in: Video of Wednesday morning's Canada AM interview with Seamus O'Regan is available here. Don't say you weren't warned :)


Unknown said...

I like your passion, Carmi! Keep it up!!! It's good to care about important issues.

Sleepypete said...

Just thinking - I coulda been working for these guys ...

When finishing up university, I had a good GeekyNatter with one of their people in a recruitment fair. I applied but never heard back from them. Lol - their loss and I get to play with better toys now than I would have with Nortel :-)