Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Spray me

London, ON, July 2009

It doesn't get more elemental than water. With it, we have life. Without it, not so much. Optically, it's quite likely one of the most diverse subjects for a photographer - or any other artist, for that matter. It's also hellish to capture cleanly, especially at close range. Exposure, focus and composition are especially challenging when an alternately reflective and transparent stream threatens to douse your lens.

Which explains why I enjoy it as much as I do.

Your turn: Would it be as much fun if it were easy? How does water inspire you?

Almost forgot...

This photo begins the long, slow process of winding down our most recent Thematic Photographic theme, elemental. You're still welcome to submit something by clicking here.

Tonight at 7:00 EDT, I'll be posting next week's theme. It will be...laundry.

I know, I'm odd that way. Enjoy!


Mark said...

Good photographs of water are difficult but worth the effort. Waterfalls have been one of my favorite targets since I first picked up a camera, but that's not nearly as challenging as something like you have here. Your pic makes me curious as to just exactly what is being reflected in that water. Lighted neon signs, maybe?

Mojo said...




I can only assume this sprung from the "laundry date" you had with Debbie a week or two ago.

Figures that I just caught all mine up last night. And I was so proud of myself too.


Mojo said...

Oh... I nearly forgot... water. Inspiration. Sorry, the Laundry thing rattled me for a second there.

My recent sojourn to the beach reminded me just how inspired I am by water. Especially water in vast quantities. Ironically, there's no time I feel more "grounded" than when I'm standing at the edge of the ocean. I think probably it's the permanence of it that inspires that feeling. I always know that no matter how long I stay away, when I finally get back the ocean is still going to be right where I left it. In fact, if you're interested, I waxed poetic on the topic right before I left to come back home on Sunday. (This real-time blogging stuff is cool!)

awareness said...

I've been admiring the clothesline across the street from my office.....the laundry blowing in the breezes and I kept thinking that I should take a few photos of it. :)

I'll see if I can case the joint later this afternoon.

You're funny!

kenju said...

I am mightily inspired by water. I like to watch it, be in it, hear it, spray it - all forms of it!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent picture. I love it :)

Rene said...

I'm sorry, Carmi, but when I first saw the title of this post I thought it said "Spay Me." So relieved I read it wrong.

I suppose I am in awe of water. This time of year it is more precious than gold. We dance our rain dances knowing they are in vain. It is the giver of life, the greener of lawns. However (if forecasts are correct) by February we will be suffering from an overabundance of rain. We will watch it saturate our hillsides leaving destruction in its wake. We will long for the dryness of summer.