Sunday, July 19, 2009

Caption This 130

Please caption this image
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Toronto, ON, August 2008 [Click to embiggen]

Yes, that thing that's apparently dangling in the sky really is what you think it is. I don't think it's real, though, but I stood below, craning my neck into the sun for at least 10 minutes trying to figure that out.

As best I can figure, someone at the balloon company had - and presumably still has - a sick sense of humor.

Works for me!

Your turn: Please come up with a caption for this photo that's funny, charming and memorable. We'll be taking submissions all week, and you can enter as often as you like. Best one wins. Click the comment link to get started. For more background on how Caption This works, click here.

About last week's photo of my kids at the grocery store: I love taking them shopping, even if it means a more expensive - and sometimes annoying - trip in the process. I remember going grocery shopping when I was a kid, and it was always such a vividly detailed experience for me. I hope our kids feel the same way. This week's honorable menschens are:
  • Thom: "Look Ma...was this the same price when you were my age?"
  • B13: "When mom said fruit juice, she didn't mean peach schnapps... put it back!"
Mojo takes it with "Eggs, wasn't it?" It's something my daughter would certainly say, and she'd say it with that adult-like, all-knowing tone that only she's capable of. If you haven't visited Mojo's blog, Why? What Have You Heard? you're missing out on photography that regularly makes you think, and a world view that'll make you wonder who you're not out there taking more of it in. When I want to raise the level of my game - both through a lens and as a person - I simply follow his lead.


kenju said...

What a great photo! I don't have a caption, but I like the angle of that shot.

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

* Suicide!

* All aboard... Ahoy!

* I believe I can fly!

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

* Up, up and awaaaayyyyyyy-oops!

Jeena R. Papaadi said...

* Man, I told you that was a foolish trick!

Mojo said...

Wow, first time I've ever taken the top spot and I probably shouldn't even say how I arrived at the caption. I was thinking of the egg carton photo that you caused such a stir with in the grocery store a while back (sorry, I don't remember exactly when). I guess I'll never understand why stores are so hinky about cameras not under their control. You'd think they'd appreciate the free advertising.

And thanks for the kind words too... Any time I need to feel better about myself, I know I can come here for it. If more people spent the kind of time you do lifting those around them up rather than tearing them down we'd have solved most of the world's problems -- or avoided them in the first place.

On to this week's photo...

I still haven't figured out exactly who that's supposed to be, but the first thing that came to mind was:
"Raising voyeurism to a new level"

Or, given that the color scheme of the balloons suggests the Canadian flag, perhaps:
"Little Big Brother is Watching Too"

Whatever you come up wit for a caption, it's certainly "Odd".

So's this quasi-rerun of mine -- a wider angle of a scene I posyed a while back.
Thematic Photographic 58: "Odd" v.5.0

Morahmommy said...

Inflated sense of self!

As always your photos make me smile, laugh and think!


Gallow said...

"Anybody got a pin?"

Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
I certainly agree with the theme of odd on this one.
As for a caption...I don't think I can top Morahmommy's caption:
"Inflated sense of self"
I love it!


Anonymous said...

Hubert couldn't make the balloon payment on his mortgage.

Bernie Madoff

Mojo said...

Yup. I think it's unanimous. Morahmommy has the caption to beat. And nobody's gonna scream "conflict of interest" here... it's just that good.

Meanwhile, I'll simply submit this humble addition to the collection of oddities. Hopefully without so many typos this time.

Thematic Photographic 58: "Odd" v.6.0

srp said...

Amazing what some guys will do to impress a girl!