Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Thematic Photographic 56 - Aviation

A Snowbird rolls
St. Thomas, ON, June 2009 [Click to enlarge]

They almost didn't make it to the air show. The Snowbirds team had been grounded all week after a routine inspection had discovered a serious fault in the ejection system. Left unchecked, it could have had catastrophic results in the event of an in-flight emergency. Given that eight Canadians have died in accidents since the team was formed, Armed Forces leadership kept them on the ground until the issue was resolved. The team obtained clearance to fly the evening before, and flew out to the show to everyone's relief - and because we're Canadian, appreciation.

As I've done every time I've seen them fly, I took a bunch of pictures of them in formation. They're lovely, I suppose, and I couldn't return home without these now-standard views of our beloved national icons. But it's the moments before they take flight that always cause chills down to the base of my spine and, I'll admit, a tear or two.

As these aircraft, all older than I am, slowly make their way across the tarmac and past the surrounding farmer's fields, I feel an intense mixture of fear for these brave souls, awe at their unbelievable level of skill and pride in a pretty neat country. There's something about the slow taxi, the roiled air trailing out behind and washing across the otherwise bucolic landscape, that reinforces why these machines that can leave earth, and the folks who fly them, are truly special.

Your turn: Thematic Photographic takes to the sky for the next week. If it has anything - however remotely - to do with aviation, I hope you'll share it in a photo. Here's how TP works:
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Maria's Space said...
I don't have much opportunity for photos of planes and just as I was about to snap a photo of a Little People plane I found this one.

Mojo said...

I have simply got to find an air show -- and soon. I've seen the USAF's Thunderbirds in action a couple of times, once as a wide-eyed 8-year-old and again years later as a wide-eyed 30-something (with a wide-eyed 9- and 4-year-old in tow). But that's been something over 15 years ago. The problem is that the T-Bird's only turn up around here once every few years and I always seem to find out about it after the fact.

Flight demonstrations of high-performance aircraft probably evoke the same feelings in most people, the difference being that some of us will admit it.

But a demo needn't be aerobatic to send chills up the spine. Sometimes the most impressive displays come not from the nimble F-16's of the Thunderbirds or the FA-18's of the Navy's Blue Angels, but from a huge, lumbering but utterly reliable workhorse.

Like this one:
Thematic Photographic 56: "Aviation" v.1.0

Barbara said...

Aviation, hmmm? Carmi, betcha can't guess what I have posted HERE!

Anonymous said...

I don't get many chances to shoot planes.

Mine's HERE

Cloudia said...

Snow birds rule!!


Comfort Spiral

Nikki Dee said...

I love planes, well taking photos of them at least. I have had enough of travelling in them for a life time!

My post

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Awesome shot, Carmi! Living near the Air Force Academy, we get to see the Thunderbirds here often. There's just nothing like watching the amazing skill of these pilots.

Catherine said...

Is it cloud themed? Is it aviation themed? You decide!

Anonymous said...

I've never seen them, but I have seen the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels. Mine is up. You can see it Thematic Photographic 56 – Aviation at that link. Aloha

Vita Stunder said...

Awesome Carmi!

I don't have so much planes..
But I have something else :)

And it's up!

Have a great weekend everyone :)
Anna/ Vita Stunder

Cuidado said...

I've never liked flying into Boston. My photo shows why. Boston's airport is on a man-made island, surrounded by water and it's approach way is right over the heart of the city. I was once in a holding pattern over Boston for an hour. It was awful for me as I had that terrifying landing to anticipate for that hour.

Glennis said...

We used to see the Blue Angels regularly in Seattle during Seafair - it was amazing to see them fly so closely over the neighborhood.

I'm looking for my aviation photos! See you soon!

hapzydeco said...

While snowmobiling this past winter passed this fleet parked on the lake.

Glennis said...

I found my photos!! Now one is up!

amanda said...

Wow, I am up early! Happy rest-of-Canada day Carmi, enjoy.

Melli said...

Aviation!!! I just had a whole post on planes last week! (or was it this week? LOL!) I'm certain I will have something up for this momentarily! I bet that air show was really fun! I live not far from Andrew's Air Force Base here in the U.S. (where the presidents plane gets stashed...) and they have airshows up there every year. I've lived here for 20 years and have not seen ONE yet! And every year I say I'm GOING! It seems to conflict with some other important event... and we always miss it. (can't think what the other event is right now...)

Melli said...

Mine is now up! HERE!

Mojo said...

From the Jet Age to the dawn of aviation... Here's a look into history.

Thematic Photographic 56: "Aviation" v.2.0

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

I don't like flying, yet there's something about watching a plane take off, fly and/or land.

Emily said...

My husband is an airshow pilot! He flies a Pitts S2B.

I have a couple posts with pictures of aviation related things! ;)

Mike Wood said...

this was shot near Pistolet Bay in Northern Newfoundland a few years back. Came across an active brush fire being worked by a couple of water bombers. They were making passes right over the road at about 50 feet or so before dropping their water. said...

Hi everyone, here is my effort for the week. Hope your all happy and ready for a great weekend. dennis

Here is My Copter

Vita Stunder said...

My version 2.0 is up!


NJ said...

Yesterday as we drove on the 401 past Trenton we saw the Snowbirds in formation heading for the air base. I believe there is an air show this weekend. It was such a treat to see.

Love 2Bs said...

I need to find a good air show around here to take my son to...they'd probably love it. Nice photos this week, Carmi. I especially like the engine close up.

It was hard for me to find some aviation to photograph this week, but my ingenious son helped me out. Hope you'll come by to see it:

Looking forward to checking out all of the others again this week!

Barbara said...

I just had to add this to the aviation theme! It is Just So Darned Cute!