Sunday, December 27, 2009

Attention K Mart shoppers

Blue light special, aisle 5
New York, NY
November 2009
About this photo: Thematic Photographic explores "feet" through next Wednesday. As you can see, feet can take many different share yours, just click here.
I learned long ago to look left when everyone else is looking right. I may not get the same story as everyone else, or even the story that folks might expect, but I'm pretty much guaranteed that whatever I bring home is original.

A lot of people don't get that, but I also learned long ago to stop worrying about what those lots of people think. I don't much care about popularity. Guess that explains why I never actually was that popular. But that's a story for another day.

So, about this picture: In a crowded restaurant filled with well wishers gathered from all corners of the continent for a wedding, I turned away from the hordes and explored the corners of the room. And I had help: In an ultra chic restaurant carved out of a heritage building that wears its rough-brick history as a fish market proudly on its sleeve, our daughter found a spot that she didn't want us to forget. She took my hand and led me here. She talked about the shade of blue, how it almost seemed to paint the old brick.

With Dahlia's help, I found the story that'll help us both remember this place. I'm sure it won't matter a whole lot to most other folks. But it'll matter to us both, which is pretty much the only thing that matters to me.

Your turn: I'm blessed to be surrounded by a wife and kids who regularly, innately and easily share their vision with me. Do you have partners who guide you in your own artistic endeavors? Do tell!


Gallow said...

Excellent tip about looking the other way. On Labor Day weekend, I was out taking photos of the early sunrise. I took a lot of photos, and they were ok. I was just getting ready to head home, when I looked to the west. There was an incredible site of a cow in the field with fog around her, and a brilliant full moon just above the hoziaon. That photo ended up being one of my favorite photos of the year, and I almost missed it.

kenju said...

Mine doesn't guide me, but he is supportive (most of the time).

My camera has been acting up and I found out that it was user error...
LOL. I had it on the wrong setting, and now, hopefully, it will be as good as new!

Mojo said...

A perfect example of how my family has come to assimilate my camera brain quirk is this shot:
this shot.

My college boy son and I were waiting for a table at Greensboro's Sushi Republic. The place was packed, and as a result rather warm inside, so we opted to wait on the patio. He didn't even blink -- he may not have even noticed -- when I took a stroll around the darkened patio, camera in hand, but when I showed him the shot the following conversation ensued:

"When did you take that?"
"Just now."
"Right over there."

Thankfully I've found a great many "spirit guides" here in the Blogiverse that have helped me immensely where it comes to improving my craft -- present company definitely included.

Oh. And I have some more feet for today. Somewhat more "conventional" than yesterday's.

hahamommy said...

Not only did Hayden (11) say joyfully: "Let's drive through the Pepsi thing," he also reached for my phone and offered to take the pictures :)