Saturday, December 26, 2009

He can sleep anywhere

Peace amid the party
New York, NY, November 2009
About this photo: Thematic Photographic celebrates feet this week. To get in on the stinky action, just click here.
Noah has no throttle. When he's on, he goes full bore and doesn't stop until he's absolutely out of gas. Here, he emptied his tank - happily, as ever - in the middle of his cousin's wedding. So after some very kind and understanding staff members fetched a few huge pillows, we set him up in a tucked-away corner and let him snooze amid the still-raging party. I still don't know how he managed this, but I am mighty impressed.

As he slept, I stared at his too-large-for-his-age feet - festooned in shoes carefully chosen by mama - and wondered how tall he'd someday grow. However high he eventually reaches, he's the kind of kid who will always find a way to give his mom the hugs she so richly deserves.

Your turn: The strangest place you've ever fallen asleep is...?


bARE-eYED sUN said...

the picture IS cute. god bless children and their ability do
get the winks in when they need 'em. :-)

as for the question,
well, we've fallen asleep in too many weird places and positions too list, and there ARE some we'd rather not remember.

but, truth to tell, your son wasn't the first to find a corner in the middle of a raging party, and catch a wink.

thanks for the post.


Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Embarrassingly, I once (and it was only the once) fell asleep on the step outside a nightclub! So much for friends... they carried on inside while I was outside!

kenju said...

Love that photo!! Bless him for being able to do that.

I have two: I fell asleep in the floor of our apartment when we were entertaining my husband's boss and his wife (1964). And I fell asleep in my warm car while trying to read a book after lunch. Some guy thought I'd had a stroke and knocked on the window. I was embarrassed!!

Tony Gasbarro said...

It's not like I happened to fall asleep there — it was a conscious choice — but one night when I was in the US Air Force and stationed in Germany, at the end of a base exercise, I racked out on top of a cargo trailer with the canvas top stretched out over wooden ribs. I nestled in between two of the ribs. Maybe it had to do with the fact that it was the first full, uninterrupted sleep I had been allowed in more than a week, but I recall it was the most comfortable rest I ever had.

Mojo said...

I think most kids have the ability to do this up to a certain age, but most of them start to lose it by the time they've reached Noah's age. But it's a handy skill.

I have fallen asleep in some pretty strange places, but I guess the time that leaps to mind was in October of 2002 when someone in my then-girlfriend's family decided that two days of wedding festivities for her nephew's nuptials were simply not nearly tiring enough and that going to a NASCAR race in Charlotte would be a good idea. These same folks decided that it was necessary to be in the very first row (not true since the wall blocks much of the view of the track when you're that low). And then to top it off, it rained that morning, causing the start to be delayed by about 2 hours. So I'm sitting on a slab of concrete in a poncho in the rain with jet engines mounted on pickup trucks circling the track in an attempt to dry it (followed by some number of practice laps turned by 43 800-bhp stock cars). Excellent place for a nap.

My "feet" for today are a bit different from the usual. Thematic Photographic 81: "Feet" v.3.0 - Concrete Shoes

Mojo said...

Oh wow. Farrago's story reminded me of the night I spent in an almost identical "improvised hammock" at George AFB in Victorville, CA. The only difference was I was on the roof of a 5-ton truck, also canvas. We were re-depolying back ot Ft. Hood after a 3-week field exercise at the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin, CA. I'd forgotten that one. Or repressed it maybe. And I recall it being the best night's sleep I'd gotten in... well, 3 weeks anyway.

Linda said...

As a small child, I often crawled into the bottom dresser drawer in my room. Scared my mom half to death when she couldn't find me originally.

As an adult? Standing up in a "cattle car" while in the Army.

Strange, indeed.

Anonymous said...

I once fell asleep in the shower. I woke up when my head hit the showerhead!
These days I just crawl back into bed instead of trying to face the day too early.
I envy the ability of small children to sleep wherever it hits them to do so.