Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lost to the ages

In a former life
Laval, QC, August 2009

From where I sit, the concept of elsewhere - see here for this week's Thematic - doesn't just refer to places. It may also apply to times, eras, generations. As I walked alongside the river near my parents' house last summer, I came across these abandoned bridge footings, slowly succumbing to the elements. I don't ever remember there being another bridge down here, so whatever it was must have predated me. For whatever reason, that struck me as very neat.

My mind wandered through the possibilities of what must have stood in this quiet place decades ago, who used it - this area was, for as long as I could remember, absolutely undeveloped and completely covered by woods - and why only part of it remained standing. As I stood there alone in the leafy clearing, I wasn't just transported to another place. I imagined another time far removed from my own, and surmised if whoever built this ever thought about its impact on the future.

Probably not, but it was fun to imagine all the same.

Your turn: Going back in time. Please discuss.


fredamans said...

Great shot!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

someplace i can't begin to imagine.........

Mojo said...

What a find! I love it when I stumble over something like this. There's a serenity in the scene, maybe because it points up (again) that we only think we can tame nature. nature finds a way to reclaim her own, even if only in small ways.

Funny, I stepped into the Way Back Machine myself today. With a shot I figure is right up your street:

Thematic Photographic 79: "Elsewhere" v.4.0 - Here Come Da Jug