Monday, December 14, 2009

Elsewhere by rail

Down the tracks
London, ON, November 2009

I'm feeling somewhat mournful today. I could blame the fact that it's Monday, but I've never subscribed to the whole "I don't like Mondays" thing because there's no point in predisposing yourself to feeling down for an entire day. Perhaps it's the weather, as my wife said on the way home that it seemed to be dark all day long. It wasn't your usual misty, damp overcast, either. It almost seemed to be dusk at high noon. Odd.

I guess I'm just feeling like there are too many things flying past my head, and only one head to keep track of it all - nothing a good night's sleep and a new dawn won't fix.

I saw this picture and immediately thought of the moment I took it. Standing on the platform, I idly entertained thoughts of jumping on board and seeing where it would take me. Definitely an elsewhere-themed scene (click here to weigh in.)

Your turn: If you could get on to this train right now, where would you take it? Why?


sage said...

Churchill Ontario, I only know a few people who have been there and no one who has been there in the winter

Nice train shot!

invisible said...

I dropped out and Dumbledore told me to come back to become a Master Wizard when I felt I was ready.

Rinkly Rimes said...

Your shot reminds me of an occasion over forty years ago when I said goodbye to someone at the station and watched the train running out of sight, knowing that was the last time we'd ever meet. Sad.

Mojo said...

Hmm. I get to pick any destination I like? Or do I have to conform to natural laws -- as in there are no transatlantic railway bridges... yet.

Okay, fair enough. Somewhere where I could see/photograph the Northern Lights. I'm pretty sure I could do that somewhere this train could reach.

This shot's right up my street though. I love shooting anything rail-related. Luckily, that's not all (because even I need a bit of variety). And rail has nothing to do with my otherwhere-themed offering du jour.

Jeremiah Andrews said...

If I could I'd ride the rails all the way across Canada, because I could and I had time to do so. I've always wanted to experience Canada's greatest ride.


Anonymous said...

Anywhere that allowed me a few days of rest and a chance to dream.

invisible said...

Hi Carmi:
Just for the h-e-double-hockey sticks of it, I went back and included all the songs which I took my blog titles from.
They are included at the end of the posts, so if you were wondering where the titles were from, you can go back and see now.

Have fun, hope you and family are doing okay

Cloudia said...

Your soul is singing & growing, Carmi.

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral