Friday, December 25, 2009

Standpipe at my feet

When I look down...
New York, NY, November 2009
About this photo: It's "feet" week all week long here at Written Inc. If you're hankering for some Thematic Photographic nuttiness, head this way and don't look back. Or down.
Over all the years that I went to school and worked in Montreal's downtown core, I never looked down long enough to notice whether my town had standpipes sprouting out of the sidewalks. But when I went to New York, they seemed to be everywhere. I particularly liked this red one.

So I thought it made sense to stand beside a standpipe, if only to reinforce my sense of wonder at things my feeble brain fails to understand. Perhaps it's just as well that I just appreciate something for its simple aesthetic without necessarily researching it until the cows come home.

Your turn: Things we fail to notice. Please discuss.


Mojo said...

The contours of the top of the pipe remind me of the painted yellow footprints we stood on when I was in basic training. I know Christmas doesn't factor into your calendar, but I hope the day is good to you nonetheless.

And may the new year be better than the last.

Mojo said...

Oh... almost forgot. Yes, of course I have "Feet" v.2.0 out today.