Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A different point of view

Who says it's out of focus?
Toronto, ON, December 2009

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Remember when you were a kid and you had the ability to stare at the same thing for an inordinate length of time without getting bored? At some point, you'd squint your eyes just so and the scene would go all buggy, kind of like a bad Beatles video where you just knew the producer had been dipping into the mind altering substances.

Well, I'm not much of a Beatles fan (sorry), and I've never been one to dip into the mind altering stuff, either. But I do enjoy altering the view from time to time. Just because my camera has a focus ring doesn't mean I have to make it tack sharp every time out. Sometimes, a creative twist or two can help me tell a very different story.

Your turn: What do you think this is? What does it remind you of?


tiff said...

it's the view from between two snowy mitten fingers.

momemts in time said...

Opening atmospheric shots from an old B&W film digitally edited into colour...

Anonymous said...

Absolutely LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!

Have you ever looked into Minor White and read about his interest in psychology / expressive photography?

I hope you had a good Hanukkah, Carmi. Warm wishes to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Christmas lights - right? Either that or a tiny army of aliens coming for a quick visit...

Mojo said...

I was thinking something out of Close Encounters, but I suppose it could be anything you like.

Usually (usually) when I get a shot like this it's because something unexpectedly caught the attention of my autofocus at exactly the right-wrong moment. But occasionally I'll do it on purpose... just because I can.

Not in this case though.
Thematic Photographic 80: "Abstract" v.6.0 Abstract Lighting

invisible said...

AS someone who, (A) is a Beatles fan, and (B) did mind altering substances in my youth, I can tell you exactly what this is.
A saturday night in July about 1982 ,and '83. Oh, and September '86.
If it was red instead of blue, I probably wouldn't have had the flashback.
Thanks for the memories!

momemts in time said...

How about 'Peace' For a new thematic photographic for the festive period. Our world could do with it and besides the more obvious ideas may provide some interesting alternative images (ie parents asleep amidst torn open children's wrapping paper... virgin snowscapes stillness, etc)