Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Elin Nordegren to divorce Tiger Woods. World stops spinning.

AFP is reporting the wife of Philanderer of the Decade, Tiger Woods, is leaving him. She'll be taking the kids, the two dogs, the busted up Caddy and a rather large chunk of Tiger's stash, too.

Does this mean this story is about to end? Gawd, I hope so.

This does, of course, beg the question of what rubbish will soon be manufactured by the ever desperate entertainment "journalism" industry to replace this non-story (well, non-story for anyone BUT these two and their kids.) Mary Hart needs something to do, after all. Please, for the love of G-d, let's not leave Mary Hart hanging!


Tabor said...

Time and advancing age will take care of anything that hangs on Mary...ooops, couldn't resist.

Anonymous said...

We heard it here, folks! ;)
Actually, this is the first place I "heard" it. And I will state that I am glad a woman is finally standing up and saying NO MORE to her philandering husband. Unlike the wives of certain politicians down here in the U.S., Elin has my respect.
I just hope I don't have to hear any more from the media.

Pamela said...

he may have to be called "Cheetah" Woods from now on.

Celebrities start believing the stuff they read of themselves. They assume they are gods.

Mojo said...


Another high profile divorce. This is news?

Wake me when it's over will ya?