Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Publish Day - Why I hate predictions

Like most people, I wear a bunch of hats. Husband, dad, geek, writer, photo dude, among others. The writing thing is how I convince myself that I add value to the world, and as part of that effort I occasionally trade some carefully assembled words for things of value to me and my family, like bunches of bananas, rechargeable batteries and surplus kite string. Or money, if the publisher is so inclined.

Today's publishing is a rant I wrote for Betanews - Not the first, not the last, technology predictions for 2010 - about why I hate making year-ahead predictions. You'll notice this didn't stop me from violating my own rule. But I did so with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Either way, I hope you'll read the piece and enjoy it*.

Your turn: Please share one prediction for 2010.

* Better yet, click here for the Wide Angle Zoom home page. I publish Mondays and Thursdays.


Anonymous said...

Prediction for 2010:

I will discover that being kind to other people is it's own reward. I will atone for my past actions and will strive to make the world a better place.

Dick Cheney.
Secret Lair
Crazytown U.S.A.

Lollipops and rainbows for everyone ! Oooh, look ! Unicorns !
I love my new medication.

invisible said...

I predict I will leave odd bizzar strange messages on Carmi's blog.

Mojo said...

2010 will...

Follow 2009. At precisely midnight, this coming January 1.

That's as far out on that limb as I care to climb.