Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thematic Photographic 79 - Elsewhere

On the way to grandma's house
Cobourg, ON, October 2009

I've chosen "elsewhere" as this week's Thematic Photographic theme because I've been on the move more than usual in recent months. Whether it's for family or work reasons, I've had ample time at the wheel or in a train to reflect on why we leave home for any amount of time, and what we take from the experience.

I don't much relish being away from the things and the folks who matter most to me. But if I've got to be elsewhere, bringing something home helps me remember what it felt like to be away, and what it felt like to reconnect. Sometimes, a little bit of elsewhere is just what we need to readjust our sense of perspective.

Your turn: Over the next week, please share as many elsewhere-themed photos as you wish. It needn't be fancy: if you were away from home, we want to see it. Post 'em to your blog, then paste the link in a comment here. For more background on how Thematic Photographic works, please click here.

One more thing: I wasn't driving when I took this. Not that the geriatric driver of the geriatric - and very overstuffed - Chrysler in front of us would have known the difference. But still.


Mojo said...

Well you have to know what's coming with this theme. But first I have one last "Different" entry. which was taken in Greensboro, so I suppose it also meets the criteria for "Elsewhere".

Thematic Photographic 78: "Different" v.7.0 - Another JJ Original

magnus said...

Hi Carmi

First i will thank you for your most kind words aboute my sepia photo.

This picture that you shown us is very good, it have me thinking aboute where all the other is going to or from, i know you are going to your grandma ;), and most photos i think is taken (what i have seen any way)at good weather condition but also in bad weather it can be good.

Now i have something that goes under this weeks theme here at your site.

Mojo said...

Okay, now I'm queued up for "Saint Elsewhere Week". And of course, where else would I start but Topsail?
Thematic Photographic 79: "Elsewhere" v.1.0 - Where Else?

Peg Cherre said...

I always enjoy your challenges. More when I have a photo that works. I really better get a scanner so I can turn some of those great print pix into digital images.

Meanwhile, here's my Elsewhere response.

While you're there, leave me a holiday story to enter the December contest.

hapzydeco said...

No road hazards here.
Don't be rushed though the holidays. said...

what a sad word, well to me it is.

Here is Mine

Glennis said...

Hi, Carmi and friends. I have my ELSEWHERE up now.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I just found this blog and great place.
I wanna play!

Here is my contribution to Elsewhere.

Greetings from Puerto Plata!

daisy said...

I know this is late but it's taken me this long to find out how to do it.