Sunday, December 13, 2009

Caption This 141

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New York, NY, November 2009

Thematic Photographic is exploring "elsewhere" this week. While I originally suggested the theme as a way of sharing photos taken far from home, it also seems appropriate that it applies to people who, for reasons often beyond their control, end up far from the things that matter most. Either way, it's clear to me this tragic soul may as well have been in another world the morning that I surreptitiously took this. Please click here to share your own elsewhere-themed vision.

Somewhat oddly, I didn't want to take this photo. As I've done at various times in the past, I found myself wrestling with the basic morals of right-vs-wrong as I walked down the street and noticed this man. I didn't want to violate his peace and quiet - or, obviously, his privacy. But at the same time I felt his was a story I wanted to tell, albeit quietly. So I stayed respectfully up the street and used the zoom. As I write this, I'm back home, watching the freezing rain fall from a steel-grey sky just outside my kitchen window. I hope he's not being forced to endure this, and I hope he has a warm kitchen - or any place - to retreat to when things turn nasty.

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About last week's photo of a fuzzy Honda: I still hope to meet the driver of this car someday. Despite the aerodynamic disadvantages of this kind of adornment, I think the world needs more of it. Pearl takes it with "Poetic license!" Pearl lives in Toronto, and over the past few months has been an invaluable source of guidance and support for me and my family. She's about as "good soul" as it gets. Please drop by her blog to congratulate her. I'm willing to bet you'll stick around and come back for more.


Gallow said...

Caption, "This is my brother, this is my sister, this is me."

Mojo said...

"Bowed, but not yet broken. Not yet."

Unknown said...

"What could be better than offering a helping hand to a person less fortunate?"--Paul Newman

Peg Cherre said...

No holidays for the homeless

torontopearl said...

Thanks, Carmi. *Finally* my caption caught on! ;)

Unknown said...

"My other coat is a jacket"