Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let there be light

Turned 90 degrees
New York, NY, November 2009
About this photo: We're wrapping up our week-long exploration of the abstract theme, and we hope you've had fun along the way (click here if I'm making no sense.) At exactly 7:00 o.m. EST (hey, that's TONIGHT!) we launch our new TP theme. This week, it's feet. Yes, feet. Don't ask...just throw caution to the wind and enjoy the journey.
It's the kind of scene that countless people come across every day, yet few, if any, ever take the time to appreciate. From where I sit, life's too short to miss out on the fun stuff. So the next time you're in the Carlton Hotel on Madison Avenue, don't be afraid to tilt your head in a few unique directions and see if the ordinary now looks somewhat less so.

In fact, feel free to do the same no matter what hotel - or building, or open space, or whatever... - you happen to be visiting. You may surprise yourself in the process.

Your turn: Look up right now. What do you see?


fredamans said...

I am in my home office, where I work everyday. When I looked up, I saw a light all right. It's need cleaning... lol.

kenju said...

I'm also in my home office, and the ceiling needs painting!! LOL said...

I too am in my home Office but work is now done for 2009 and I cant take my eyes off the log fire. Now to find some feet...

Mojo said...

Gah. Institutional acoustic drop ceiling tile. Oh, over there to the left is an HVAC vent. And an institutional fluorescent light fixture. And certainly nothing as interesting as this:
Thematic Photographic 80: "Abstract" v.7.0 Intentionally Abstract

Have you been peeking at my archives? Because believe it or not I can think of several feet shots I already have. (No, not like that... c'mon.)

Maybe I've said too much.

invisible said...

I hope you didnt fall over yourself when you were looking up at this. That would be tripping the light fantastic.