Monday, April 09, 2012

A (small) river runs through it

Go with the flow
London, ON, February 2012
About this photo: We're slowly bringing this week's theme, mirror, mirror, to a close - though if you really hoof it, you can get a last-minute entry in here. New theme, single people, launches at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. Oy, that's tonight!
There's a ravine near our house, carved out of the landscape by a creek that winds its way in between subdivisions of tony homes perched high above the burbling waters. There's no bike path here, no linear park development, nothing that would bring in large numbers of walkers, bikers, and families with kids in strollers. This is the kind of place that spends most of its life ignored by anyone who doesn't live nearby. Consequently, it's a glorious place to come for a solitary walk among the trees, rocks, and water.

Which I did late on a non-wintry winter's afternoon. The sun was casting long shadows through the trees, and I felt the world slowly recede as I walked deeper down the muddy path, the burbling water echoing in my ears. It seemed to be an ideal place to come to reflect, an ideal place to put the world on hold and give my head a chance to figure it all out. I'm guessing I'll be back here more often, then.

Your turn: Where do you go to think? What sets this place apart?

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