Sunday, April 01, 2012

Such a pretty tail

Going to the islands, mon
Miami, FL, January 2011
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I spend more than my fair share of time in airports. If I have to be away from home - which I generally loathe, if we're being honest - then an airport isn't a bad place to be. Tons to do, lots to see, oodles of memories to bring back. It's a bigger-than-life kind of environment that never fails to offer up something new. If you're paying attention, that is.

Take this 737, for example. It's owned by Cayman Airways, and I found it at the gate as we waited to board for the flight home. Sure, the 737 - aka Fat Albert - is the most popular commercial jet of all time, so it's not like it's a phenomenally unique scene when one's parked outside your window. But if you stare at it just so, then wander back and forth to get it from a different angle, and squint your eyes a bit, you might just see something new.

Which is just what happened on this otherwise uneventful morning in a faraway place. I'm glad I squinted.

Your turn: What ordinary thing are you going to squint at today?

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The highway!

Headed back to Ohio from the West Va. panhandle. Sometimes I take some highway cam on the way, but this practice is not generally recommended (not for the driver!).