Sunday, April 19, 2009

Caption This 117

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London, ON, August 2006

A common picture of a common flower being visited by a common housefly. Yet somehow I've kept it in my archives for the past couple of years because I remember sitting on a friend's deck for at least 15 minutes wondering why this fly wasn't flying away. And for some silly reason, I didn't want to lose the thought to oblivion.

Stupid, I know.

As I continue to meander through this journey called life, I'm learning, albeit slowly, that I don't always need to take pictures because they're mind-blowingly spectacular. Or because there needs to be some rational reason for doing so. Sometimes, it's enough to take a picture to remember a moment.

Your turn: I need your help to caption this shot. Are you game? Click the comment link below and share as many as you can come up with. I'll announce the winner next week. (Click here for more background on Caption This.) Speaking of winners...

About last week's moldy cheese pic: It isn't often that you encounter a full-on biology experiment in the cheese section of your local grocery store. So when it happens, I hope you'll have your camera at the ready. I'm glad I did. This week's honorable menschens include:
  • Thumper: "It's not easy turning green..."
  • Moments in time: "Growing mould gracefully."
  • Terri: "Blue cheese special."
  • Mojo: "Spore Loser."
  • Judy: Goldy Moldy.
Hilary's "This Cheddar is no Gouda" made me laugh out loud. Which was somewhat challenging given the fact that I was drinking tea at the time. If her photography - in a word, stunning - doesn't grab you, her very honest, real perspective on the world around her will. Reading an entry on her blog, The Smitten Image, is like taking a journey. Best give yourself time to enjoy the'll certainly be back for more.

Your turn:
As we share floral photos this week, I hope you'll pull one out that isn't necessarily perfect, but it evokes a memory, however mundane, that you don't want to lose. If you're just joining the scary-nutty world of Thematic Photographic, please head over here.


Anonymous said...

Hello Carmi!
Thanks for the mention!
Hilary's caption was my favorite as well. It made me laugh out loud, too!

This week's caption from me:

"Fly on a Wall Flower."


Anonymous said...

As Marty McFly had been working too much recently, he took his therapist's advice to stop and smell the flowers.

Michael J. Fox

Anonymous said...

When making Shoo-fly-pie, you need to add flower.

Martha Stewart

jinksy said...

Humph! I'm fed up with being a Fly by Night - makes me exhausted the next day!

Mojo said...

I have to confess that I chortled and snorted a bit when I saw Hilary's clever wordplay. My first thought after the laughter subsided is "Man I wish I'd thought of that!"

There's potential for caption here... I can feel it. I just can't fit the right words to it at the moment.

How serendipitous you should be looking for less-than-perfect floral offerings today. Neither one of these is what you'd call "technically perfect" but I thought the first was interesting and the second downright funny when I saw them on the big screen. (Of course, my sense of humor is slightly skewed anyway...)
Thematic Photographic 45: "Floral" v.4.0Thematic Photographic 45: "Floral" v.5.0(How can you tell when you've got too much material to manage? I lost track of what I'd linked up and what I hadn't, but it looks as though I posted the links up through Floral 3.0.)

Linda said...

buzz off, fly...leave me BEEEEE.

cactus petunia said...

How about:
"Help meeeee.....!" ( From the movie "The Fly")
Ok,it's lame, I know!

Anyway, I've got a Thematic Photographic post up:

Laurie said...

Ahhh...Isn't it nice to revisit the archives and find things to post. I recently dug out a significant number of archived shots.

This is cute with the fly. I prefer a fly on the flower outside than in my house.

colleen said...

Two time fly.

Thanks for your visit and comment, Carmi. Netchick clicking.

Jean said...

* Busy Bee

* All in a day's work

Jean said...

* This is my home and I ain't gonna leave it!

* Yellow soothes my belly

Hilary said...

Really? No Whey! Is this a Feta complis? I'm glad my cheesy word play made you laugh. ;)

Thanks ever so much for your very kind words and linkage, Carmi. You're such a sweetie. When they made you, they broke the mold. See? Now I can't stop.. you've created a muenster. ;)

wendy said...


And I like the other ones.

Pamela said...

ta heck with the manure pile!

Awareness said...

common meets beauty

nectar envy

mistaken identity

Jean said...

* Now where did they say the honey was?

* Boy, am I drunk!

Jean said...

* Let me sit still and pose with a smile and see if the guy with the camera would take a pic of mine.. Gotta start a modeling career y'know!

* Just sat here for a while and dozed off

Mel Fraase said...

Phlegmatic Fly Finds Frond Fun

Go ahead, say it faster :)

Moi said...

Bee Happy, honey!!!!!! :)