Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Talking geek...again

I lead a very entertaining life. Aside from a wife I adore, kids who amaze me and a dog who defines sweetness, I'm privileged to do some very cool things during the workday. To wit, I often get to go on television. It's something that always offers a new challenge and will never get old.

This morning, I chatted with BNN's Michael Kane. Intel had reported its quarterly earnings the previous evening, so I dropped by to dig a little deeper behind the numbers. As ever, I enjoyed the experience immensely. The video clip is here.

I've been busy with other media work lately, too. Between Canwest melting down, Nortel being carved up and Apple introducing yet another new wonderproduct, I always have neat things to talk about. Coolness. Here's a quick rundown of some of the more notable recent hits:

The Canadian Press
Mar 31. Canwest debt troubles affecting Corus, Astral stock, industry observers. Byline David Friend
Apr 1. Sabia earns $21 million golden handshake after leaving BCE. Byline Ross Marowits
Apr 5. Canwest faces Tuesday deadline for restructuring debt agreement. Byline David Friend
Apr 10. Telus warns of first-quarter wireless revenue drop as economy takes bite. Byline Lauren Krugel
Apr 15. Telus to invest $700M in Alberta network. Byline Brenda Bouw

Apr 6. Blackberry success with consumers defies recession. Byline Wojtek Dabrowski World Canada
Apr 7. Why the channel should get into the DLP space. Byline Maxine Cheung
Apr 14. Malicious attacks are recession-proof: Symantec. Byline Maxine Cheung
Mar 27. Would Bill C-285 outlaw BlackBerry in Canada? Byline Rafael Ruffolo

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Awareness said...

Wow! You've been busy! Good on ya Carmi. :)