Sunday, August 19, 2007

Caption This 32

Please suggest a caption for this image [See below for details]
Laval, QC, August 2006

Our son, Zach, took this picture outside his grandparents' place last summer. One morning, we were walking around the riverside paths, looking for whatever scenes captured our attention. I think he did a deft job of composition on this shot, and I'll betray my bias when I say I'm impressed with his ability to see the story in a simple scene.

Your turn: So what would you call it? Leave a caption (0r two, or more...) in a comment and I'll pick the best one next week. Is there a prize? Not really. But you'll get a big happy from me. And from my future-photographer son. Isn't that enough?

About Caption This: Click here for instructions on how to play. Click here for last week's look into a trash bin at a fast food restaurant. Rob, who pens the brilliantly irreverent Fuquad! blog from Turkey, takes it with this fresh take on fast food: "In a bold move to corner a growing market of pessimistic consumers, McDonald's has launched it's new 'Truth In Advertising' campaign."

I was also tickled by a bunch of other submissions, including these lovelies:
Someone last week said I have some very thoughtful readers and commenters. How true indeed.


Karen said...

Hi Carmi. That's an awesome photo! No wonder you're proud. Again, I have no caption - I leave that to the more clever bloggers that visit.

Just stopping by to say hello while I wait for my daughter to return from a party. Have a great evening!

The Harbour of Ourselves said...

hey carmi - 'how the hell did the kids do that? and more to the point where the hell are they?'

first thing that came to mind - not as funny as i first thought, but hey, i'll post it anyways

mrsmogul said...

I would call it, "Sun tanning"

Heidi said...

My caption:

Just waiting.

Lovely picture taken by your son!Have a great week, Carmi!

MissMeliss said...

Wow, great photo.

I offer two suggestions:
"When there is no wind, row."

Or the ever-classic,

"I think we need a bigger boat."

Linda said...

Got Peacefulness?

Rachel said...

"I'm ready to row when you are."

Sara said...

My caption:

"George still hasn't gotten the hang of docking the boat!"

Mike said...

Hi Carmi

Zach did a great job on this shot!

How about "In Drydock"?

Ok, not so funny but it was the first thing that popped in the old head!

Sara said...

pea-ceful soup

Sara said...

"things were going well until the cooler weather came"

Awareness said...

Late August afternoon nap.....


Stillness Serenity

That's how I feel when I look at this beautiful photo, Carmi.

The canoe has seen a few inlets.

Dip, dip and swing...... :)

JC said...

Canoe pier me now?

Moi said...

"whatever floats your boat!"

Sara said...

the lonely canoe settles in for the winter after a long fun filled summer

John said...

After a long day the canoe decided to dry out dockside--the water turned green with envy.

Not really a caption per se, but it's just what popped into my head.

Joy T. said...

Great shot. First thing that came to mind is pretty simple I suppose but...."Reflections from the pier"