Friday, August 03, 2007

Field of painted green

Field of green
London, ON, July 2007 [Click to enlarge]

Do you remember Bob Ross (home page, wiki entry), the painter and host of a longtime PBS program? He always said that everyone had talent, and with enough time and effort, we could all become accomplished artists. I believe there's merit in his theory, and it's one of those little snippets that teaches us an important lesson in life. If you're curious, read his wiki entry. I'll wait.

There. You're back. Let's continue...

Mr. Ross, who sadly passed away in 1995, had a very ethereal style of painting. I tend to view his work as the visual arts' equivalent to music's Enya. And as I recently sat on a bench watching our kids play in a nearby playground, I looked behind them and saw this field of green a couple of hundred feet away. Bob Ross popped into my head.

Well, not literally. His memory. I'm odd that way. But I digress.

I thought of this soft-voiced painter from so long ago, and how this scene seemed to have been painted by a careful hand. And it was quietly asking to be remembered.

Your turn: Everyone has talent. Please discuss.


'B' said...

I love this shot, and it is not because I am in horticulture, but is shows a scene, to me at least, of peace and tranquility, something of which the world is lacking...

Talent? I am still thinking about what talent I have, so I will get back to you on that one...

Here from Michele's this morning!

Christine d'Abo said...

Hi Carmi! Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

I loved watching Bob Ross when I was a kid. In some sort of strange way I felt he was like another version of Mr. Rogers. He believed in everyone.

I think that everyone does have talent, and that with enough patience with ourselves we can develop it. Sometimes it's giving ourselves permission to explore that creative side of our personality. But when we do, great things happen. :)

Catherine said...

I do think everyone has talent, but not everyone has genius. A great deal of any art is craft, which can be nurtured by practice, if you are enthusiastic enough. I find that when I'm not writing I seem to have no ideas, but if I practice regularly, even if the exercises I do lead to work of little merit, other ideas start hitting me out of the blue. But as to what makes a Beethoven, or a Shakespeare, that's another matter. I believe the human race is blessed with a few great individuals born to create illumination for the rest of us.
Your green photo is very restful, and I wanted to say also that the photos of your son Noah are just wonderful, and will no doubt always be precious for you.
Michele sent me, and I'm glad she did.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Heh. Stay tuned; I'm working on a Thursday Thirteen about the very subject of talent.

Yes, we all have it. It's getting it recognized that is often hard. *sigh*

Catheroo said...

I am quite familiar with Bob Ross. My husband records his show on TiVo. My favorite thing he used to say is something like there are no mistakes. Just happy accidents.

What a happy tree, that is, Carmi.

And my hidden talent would be being a fount of "useless" information :-)

wordnerd said...

And you, sir, have the talent to make art out of the simplest thing. I was just thinking of Bob Ross the other day -- his tv show was therapeutic to me. The low, soft voice, the happy little trees ... half the time the art simply didn't matter at all. Thanks for the memory!

Melody said...

I agree that everyone has a talent, but sme are not 'tapped' into theirs yet. Some people find their talent early on in life, others later. As for me? I'm a girl of many talents...nah - only kidding. I think I have some kind of artistic talent, oh and I can bake a wicked pavola, so maybe that is my talent! Good queston.

I'm here via Michele today - enjoy your weekend Carmi.

carli said...

I LOVED Bob Ross. He was so calming to watch. I wish he was still around.

In college I actually wrote a love song about Bob Ross:

Every day's a Bob Ross painting. . . Bob Ross painting when I'm with you.
Every tree's a (pause) happy tree full of yellow ochre and (pause) sap brown.

Yes, everyone has talent. Everyone is not a talented songwriter, as evidenced by the Bob Ross Love Song above.

tommiea said...

those look like 'happy little trees'....As a child I loved watching him on PBS! I do paint and he brings a smile to my face every time I paint trees!

Mike said...

I always enjoyed Bob Ross. The only problem was his voice was so soothing that I rarely could stay awake through a whole show. I learned a lot from him though and used his techniques to paint the backdrops on my model railroad.

Dara said...

Oh, I love Bob Ross for his acceptance and encouragement and ability to break things down into steps so anyone could do it. He got my Mom to paint! Everyone does have talent - but do they have the confidence to let it shine?

Catherine said...

It seems that Michele sent me back again - to add, it is obvious from your blog that you are one of those who work at nurturing your talent.

kenju said...

Bob Ross' show was so serene and soothing, partly because his voice was hypnotic. My daughter told me that she and her husband used to put his show on TV so they could take a nap on Sat. afternoons...LOL

Talent is so varied; everyone has some kind of talent! Don't hide it under a bushel, as the old song goes.

Heather said...

Hey Carmi!
I loved watching Bob Ross. He was always very relaxing and despite my lack of artistic ability in drawing and painting, he taught me to paint a recognizable scene so I happen to agree with him that everyone has some sort of talent. Now a days I stick primarily with writing and developing training but, hey, it's still a talent.
My favorite thing with his show was how everything was "happy;" the happy trees, happy water, happy path and happy little cabin.
BTW the picture you posted is fantastic.

Mike said...

I love the picture. I actually have painted some using the Bob Ross technique. None of my stuff has been great but a few pictures turned out OK.

Here from Michele

Anna said...

I always loved watching Bob Ross. He made painting look so easy. I felt like I could do it, if only I tried.

I do believe everyone has talent - maybe not what is traditionally thought of as talent, but something they are good at. The key is to find your strengths and exercise them.

Here from Michele's :)

BreadBox said...

We all have talents, and talents as artists of one sort or another.
But my talents are in things like origami and breadmaking, and I sometimes *wish* I could draw, or take photographs like Carmi does, or sculpt, or write poetry like...
But my latencies, my talents lie in other directions.
And so I am happy with them.

Michele sent me under the 30 minute rule tonight,

Chad Oneil said...

"...and this happy tree lives over here." "Let's not forget about these cottage windows, a little dab here will pop this light out just so." "...and let's give this other tree over here a little higher top...ok."

Who could forget that affro, or how soft he spoke. His show always relaxed me as a kid.

He seemed to be a good guy.

It's kind of ironic, me and some coworkers were just discussing him the other week.

Shane said...

and some pop up late in life

scrappintwinmom said...

I LOVED Bob Ross! He was so peaceful. Secretly, I pictured him behind the scenes being a maniac who yelled at people for the slightest transgressions. But I digress. I think everyone does have talent. its just a matter of doing the homework to figure out what it is.

D.O.M. Dan said...

I don't know the name Bob Ross, but I will follow the link you provided next.

I love the picture for various reasons: My favorite color is green, I love outdoor scenery, and I don't see anything like this in the Los Angeles area (well some parks maybe, but everything's very dry right now, so not much green - lots of brown).