Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Bleak view from a bleak parking lot

Man on a mission
St. Thomas, Ontario, June 2007

Have you ever stood in the parking lot of a nearly deserted, run-down old department store at the end of a nearly deserted, run-down old strip mall in a bleak corner of a rough-at-the-edges town and taken the time to really remember the place?

Up until this June evening, I hadn't either. But as we loaded the kids into the car for the drive home, I found myself looking back at the sad-looking sliding front doors of this altogether sad-looking place and thinking they there was a picture there.

Then this man showed up, and suddenly it wasn't a story about architecture as much as it was one about people and the lives they lead. Or so I thought. Before my head got too deeply involved in this conundrum of modern life, I snapped quickly before the moment passed.

Your turn: What's his story? Feel free to give him one. Anything goes.

One more thing: Big lunar eclipse happening later this morning. The kids have consented to being woken up before dawn to watch the fun. Blogging will ensue, I suspect.

Update - Tuesday, 6:38 a.m.: The clouds cleared just in time, so we woke the kids and headed outside to watch the sky put on a show. Surprisingly, I took pictures. I'll post 'em online later today. For now, I need more sleep.


Mrs. Fun said...

Can't wait to see your photos. I slept right through it. Something i don't do much of anymore.

As far as the man, I think he's happy with what he has. Has a family that loves him.
What can I say, i like to think positive thoughts.

Carmi said...

The old man in the dingy store gets one comment. I've really got to spend more time assessing what folks want to see. Obviously, this isn't it.