Monday, May 30, 2011

Blue light special, aisle 4

Ready for launch
Minneapolis, MN, February 2011
About this photo: This picture closes out our "got the blues" theme, and we'll be launching a new one, "well aged", tonight at 7:00 Eastern. If you're feeling a little blue at the prospect, it's not too late to share your own. Just go here.
I found this blue light at the airport, and I instantly thought "K-Mart". Never mind that almost no one shops there - or admits to it - anymore, and that about six people on the planet still think it's funny when I say "blue light special" in the middle of a conversation. I guess I need a new source of retail-themed funniness.

On this day, though, I believe the sight of a guy pulling out a camera in the middle of the terminal gave more than a few of my fellow passengers pause. I know airports are particularly sensitive to the whole photography thing, and some even ban the practice outright (see here, here and here for unhappy precedents.) But I figure as long as I'm pointing my lens at light fixtures outside and not TSA security personnel, I'm probably safe.

And if I ever get busted, it'll make for a great blog entry or two.

Your turn: What does this light do? Any ideas?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

After I learned that the color blue was a healing color I see blue lights in that manner.. The blue lights displayed during the Jewish holidays definitely has a calming effect...Then again the blue light that is mixed in w/the red and yellow of police lights you might say can calm someone especially if they are caught and about to receive a ticket- no? lol

JC said...

Hey, Carmi...
Don't know what the blue light is but I am sure you would appreciate seeing these shots, found on the web:


young-eclectic-encounters said...

My daughter flies in and out of Atlanta airport to come home for college and I have seen a shift in attitude towards cameras and picture taking which is really to bad. Greetings upon disembarking used to make great emotional statements- I had a picture of me coming out of the gate with the kids literally knocking me over in their greeting. Somehow the greetings in the lobby with all the crowds are not the same.
Here's a clue for those who take pics at the airport, you are more likely to get hassled by taking pics of things and not people- they think you are checking out places to hide bombs.
Here in the US they also get upset it you take pics in the hospital due to potential lawsuits and the privacy act, although I have done so. It is such a shame that our society is becoming so paranoid.