Saturday, May 28, 2011

On home

"Home. The word circled comfortably in my mouth like bubble gum, swished around sweetly soft and satisfying. Home. Try saying it aloud to yourself. Home. Isn’t it like taking a bite of something lovely? If only we could eat words."
Sol Luckman
Your turn: How do you define "home"?


Alexia said...

It defies definition for me. I well remember a few years ago when i was struggling with devastating grief for the death of someone I loved, sobbing out loud to myself, "I want to go home!"
At the time I was at the place I live in, and have lived in with my family, for over 20 years. That wasn't the home I needed.

Kalei's Best Friend said...

Home is a place where you know u can turn to whenever you feel a need, no matter how old you become.. Its a place you can go to even if you may have had harsh words ... Home is a forgiving place.. Home is a place that you know will always be there... Those last words were said to me by my middle daughter years ago.. She said that in reference to when someone asked her where she lived and the time we had moved after her Dad was gone.