Tuesday, May 10, 2011

When trucks take to the sky

Defying gravity
London, ON, April 2011
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The new skateboard park a few blocks away from our house is already a hotspot for neighborhood kids. When our munchkins are finished playing on the adjacent playground, they like to stop by the concrete bowls and ramps to watch some of the best of the best strut their stuff.

There's an interesting culture among the 'boarders and BMXers who frequent this place. They range in age from barely walking to middle-aged men, all seamlessly taking their turn before ceding to the next. They quietly encourage each other during and after each turn, more experienced riders often taking others aside to share feedback on what worked, what didn't and what they may want to try next.

Someone inevitably has a video camera, while someone else shoots fashion-esque stills from a less-than-safe distance. Note to self: See if any of this stuff ends up edited and on YouTube.

Your turn: What's this kid thinking?


Kalei's Best Friend said...

He is wondering if he can replicate what he has done again or thinking of a cooler jump!. Great shot, Carmi!.

kcinnova said...

I don't know what he's thinking, but I'm sure glad to see the helmet.
A 16yo died here last week because he, an experienced skateboarder, wasn't wearing a helmet when he fell and hit his head. So sad.
I loved to watch the kids at the skatepark near our old house.