Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My little pony

Shelby would be proud
London, ON, May 2011
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I dig cars. I spend my days in the automotive software biz. I drive a couple of vehicles that I genuinely like. My head turns almost automatically when a particularly neat vehicle cruises on past. I spend way too much time excitedly discussing automotive lore with our kids. As much as I whine about how much of our urban landscape has been built to serve the car, I recognize the deep influence it has on our day-to-day lives.

So it's easy to see why a certain percentage of my lens time is spent exploring the world of vehicles. And when this Shelby Mustang convertible showed up in, of all places, the community centre's parking lot, I had to sneak a quick pic before the owner returned and wondered why the strange dude in cargo shorts was shooting his (her?) car.

Nah, had to be a him. This is totally a middle-age crisis-mobile. But I digress.

The neat thing about this supposedly blue vehicle: It's black. Light does funny things when it's bounced off of reflective surfaces. I so rushed the shoot - one shot is all I got before I chickened out - that I didn't notice the color shift until after I got home.

Your turn: Your favorite color for a car is...? Because?


srp said...

My ex (before he was my ex) bought a Chevy IROC Z28... black. It was the hot car way back then... in ancient times. He drove it to work at the college, parked it in the central campus parking lot, locked it. It was a small school, the lot was right outside the science building and people were around all the time. Someone stole it in broad daylight. It was black and we came to find out that it was the top of the list for thieves, especially that color.

So, no black cars please. But I have seen that weird change of color when the light hits them just right.... black is the combination of all colors though.... wonder why we can't see the red or yellow?

kcinnova said...

I am a mother of 4 and I would totally love and drive that car. My teens, however, would never get the keys from me.

My minivan is pale gold in color. It hides the dirt and dust better than any other color I've seen.

Mustang Sally said...

Niiice! Love that shot.

I adore a shiny black sports car ... but they do show every SPECK of dust and dirt and in the south? Whew, do they get hot.

Max said...

First of all - love that shot!
As for the color of a car, to me it depends on the car. When I bought my Mustang in 1999 (long since sold) I had two requirements: 1) that it had a manual transmission and 2) that it was red. The perfect color for a Mustang is red. On the other hand, the only car that should ever be painted orange is the original V.W. bug. Any other car looks odd in that color. Yellow? Nothing but a taxi cab. I have owned a lot of white cars, and in general I like that color. For some reason they don't seem to look quite so shabby as other colors when they get dirty.