Tuesday, May 03, 2011

She moos, she scores

Game on
London, ON, October 2009

After one of the more divisive election campaigns in recent memory, Canada has woken up to a Conservative majority government. Stephen Harper remains our PM, and the twittersphere, blogosphere and Facebookland have all lit up with comments from folks on all sides of the political spectrum.

While more folks clearly voted Tory blue (which isn't really Tory blue at all, but we'll leave that discussion for another, more politically motivated entry), it seems the ones screaming the loudest voted for the, um, losers. Lots of bummed folks in Pitkinville today.

Allow me a quick level-set before I get on with the day that will be: Canada is not doomed. Your standard of living didn't plummet overnight, nor will it do so over the next few days. Or at all. The world didn't shift on its axis. You don't live in Somalia, a failed nation-state with no law to speak of. Your kids will more than likely grow up into productive adults. Your sewage doesn't pour into a gutter in front of your tin-clad "house". Whoever leads us, we're way better off than virtually any nation on Earth.

There, I feel better. And in case that didn't do the trick for you, allow me to present this happy picture of a happy, sporting cow. Because every day should begin with something bovine.

Your turn: Why are you thankful for where you live?

One more thing: Shameless happy Thematic tie-in here. You know you want to.


Canadian Mark said...

Thank you Carmi! I couldn't agree more. There is way too much doom and gloom in the atmosphere emanating from the 63% popular vote that didn't vote conservative.

There was an amazing left of center shift that occurred. That's something to be happy about - to me anyway, and I choose to focus on that.

And even if things do go from bad to worse between now and October 2015, that only strengthens the chance of significant change for the better in that election.

My 5 cents.

Andrew said...

Carmi, this is just the kind of thing that we as Canadians need to hear. The very fact that we had an election is something great. The fact that no shots are fired and bombs exploded in the process is truly amazing. We are lucky indeed; and it's important not to forget that. We have a say here - a voice. We spoke, this is our result...

We are still Canada and always will be.

And if we're not happy we get to change things next time.

kcinnova said...

All those reasons and more: indoor plumbing, beautiful hills/valleys/mountains/rivers, and a great education for my children.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Your standard of living didn't plummet overnight, nor will it do so over the next few days.

However, when a similar election occurred south of the border, that is what eventually happened.

You need check no further than Wisconsin and Michigan to see what right-wing corporate overlords want their employee/government officials doing.