Wednesday, January 06, 2010

At rest

A place to reflect
Montreal, QC, July 2009

I spent entirely too much time in cemeteries this past year. And when I wasn't actually standing in these places of reverent memory, my mind inevitably drifted there.

I'd like to say 2010 will be different, but I know that would be a lie. The cemetery is now a permanent part of who I am, and wherever I am and whatever I'm doing, it'll be there in the back of my mind, reminding me of where I came from, what's been lost and why I must always, somehow, hold on to those who helped shape me.

About this photo: Last summer I took my dad to two cemeteries in Montreal to visit the graves of his parents, my mom's parents and any other important family members we could find. I wrote about it here. I took this picture just before we left the De La Savane cemetery, and remember clearly how he watched me quietly as I lay on the ground and composed this shot. It's one of those seemingly inconsequential things I'm glad we did, because ultimately the only thing you can tangibly keep are the memories of little moments like this. I guess they're not so little after all.


Mojo said...

2010 will absolutely be different. Each year brings with it new possibilities, new opportunities, and a chance for new perspective.

Will you spend more time -- physically or otherwise -- in these places of rest? Perhaps not. But even that will change. The pain attenuating as the memories of life replace it.

"Keep the names of your dead alive among your people." the saying goes. And this is one way of doing it.

And in my final offering for TP 82, I spilled over (just a little) into 2010. Seemed only fitting to do that.
Thematic Photographic 82: "2009 - The Year that Was" v.7.0 - Topsail Island, Part 2

Kay said...

it's all the little things that add up to create the big, appreciation.

The Writer said...

Every since I can remember, a visit to a kinsman's grave, has brought out the best in my elders. Now, whether at home or not, I find myself visiting any local nearby cemetery, if only to take a break from the business of life to pause and reflect. It's ironic to me, that any city,town or a church, by providing a place of eternal rest to it's own, coincidentally offers the rest of us this hospitality.
I like that you will lay down to get the shot you want. It worked.
Thanks for visiting me.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Beautiful shot and a beautiful memory!