Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Po takes a vacation

Po faces the sun
Delray Beach, FL, December 2009

I'd like to say this image rounds out our celebration of all things related to vacation, but that would be a lie. Because I'll still be sprinkling vacation pictures around for weeks, perhaps months to come.

It makes me feel good to reflect on time well spent, to feel the warmth not only of a southern sun, but of much needed time with the important folks in my life. While we were away, I learned that warmth comes from all sorts of places, and it enriches the soul no matter its source.

New Thematic theme goes live at 7 p.m. (Last week's, what I did on vacation, is here.) But I wanted to squeeze this one in under the wire because it typifies some of the goofy silliness I've been trying to re-inject into the everyday of late. I don't always succeed, but I figure if I have a scene of a sun-worshipping Teletubby hanging around the blog, it'll be another potential source of inspiration.

Your turn: Why small things amuse us. Please discuss.

About this photo: Po goes everywhere with me, sort of like my own little travel gnome. For other examples of her in far-off places, click here, here and here.


lissa said...

Your travelling Po is (almost) as charming as you are, Carmi. What a wonderful tradition, taking pics of her in those different places. There's a commercial for Sprint (I believe) where the little girl puts her teddy bear into her dad's luggage and he takes pictures of it everywhere he goes. The last photo is sent from their front door, whereupon she runs to find her daddy on the steps. Great ad, wonderful Hallmarkesque enchantment.

But yours is real. And I can't wait to see more Po adventures.

Why do little things amuse us? Because the big ones can overwhelm us and we need to encapsulate, sometimes, put it back into a compact space and time where we can handle it. Po embodies the sweet, innocent fun of children, as well as (probably) reminding you of your kids when you're far from home (and them).

My car keychain has a miniature purple converse sneaker, a mini shih-tzu charm, and a mini (but functional) barrel of monkeys. My cell phone has a mini panda. I love the minis. Maybe I'll start a tradition of my own - I don't travel but you've inspired creativity...

Thank you - once again - for a smile and artistic thoughts!

Mojo said...

Those guys always creeped me out a little. But my nephew and nieces just loved 'em.

Just don't let Pat Robertson see this. I'm sure he'll think you're in league with satan or something. (the putz)

cactus petunia said...

I love this!