Saturday, March 13, 2010

Three dog years

Happy new-family birthday to me
Richmond Hill, ON, February 2010

If you're new to Written Inc., please allow me to introduce you to our dog, Frasier. As you can see, he desperately needs a haircut. Yup, I'm a bad dog dad. But look through all the messy, hypoallergenic fur and you can see one clearly happy animal. Which wasn't always the case, as his first experience with a family was less than successful.

Thankfully, he found us, and three years ago today, we brought this then-scraggly rescue dog home and began the painstakingly slow process of helping him learn what it's like to be unconditionally adored.

He's spending his new-family birthday surrounded by family from near and far. Kids of all ages are randomly hugging him and following him around the house. He does not, nor will he ever, lack for love. Happy birthday, our furry friend. How lucky we are that you joined our family.

Your turn: What's he thinking in the scene above?

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Beverly said...

Happy birthday, Frazier. What a lucky dog you are.

Cloudia said...

"I'm the luckiest dog in North America!"

Aloha from Hawaii my Friend!

Comfort Spiral

srp said...

Happy family birthday Frazier... from one rescue to another.... are we not the lucky ones!!!... Miss Daisy.

As for what he is probably thinking... "Hurry up with the posed picture already... I am freezing my tail off in this snow and getting my behind wet.... you know Mom is not going to like the wet spots on the floor when I sit down."

Twain12 said...

Happy Birthday Frazier...he is addorable, i love scruffy dogs

Peg Cherre said...

I'm not sure what he IS thinking, but I'm betting one thing he's NOT thinking is "gee, I wish I had a haircut."

I went back and read your other dog posts (thanks for the links, I wasn't a Carmi regular back then), and they're all wonderful.

My little guy, Red, too, was a rescue, coming to me at age 3. They present their own challenges, but it's been worth it every day for 6 1/2 years for me.

torontopearl said...

Lucky Frasier...coming into your lives, and you coming into his!
Three years already -- wow! Three dog years are like twenty-one people years, no?

Your lives have been made that much richer by one another, I'm sure.

If you're ever in Toronto with the dog, maybe Frasier would like to have a playdate with our Max...

Linda said...

Frazier is definitely thinking, "boy, what a great doggy dad I have, he hasn't gotten me a haircut, and I'm nice and toasty warm...ooooh, is that a squirrel?????"

Carmi - one of the most endearing pictures I remember of Frazier was when your son broke is had a picture of Frazier keeping watch...(His Master's Foot). I'm glad Frazier found your family...the perfect family for him.

Pearl said...

Bacon alert! 200 meters.

lucky dog.

Pamela said...

he makes ya smile just by looking that way. What a corker!