Friday, March 19, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the street

Is my hair OK?
Toronto, ON, March 2009
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A mirrored window gives us yet another way to view the world. Unfortunately, that view isn't always what we wish it could be.

A few meters away and a couple of minutes earlier, I took this picture of a homeless man sleeping on a bitterly cold street corner. In the shadows of some of the most well-capitalized businesses on the planet, reality painted a decidedly different and less opulent picture.

As I pulled my coat tighter to ward off a sudden, deep chill, I felt the need to take another picture, something silly and trivial. Perhaps I hoped it would ease the guilt I felt at my good fortune next to this man's complete lack thereof.

It didn't work. Picture or not, he was still in his sleeping bag as I turned the corner and went into a nearby building for my meeting. I guess photography doesn't have the power to heal after all.

Your turn: Do you shoot pictures into mirrors? Do tell!

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Cloudia said...

Made me feel all sparkly inside, Carmi.

say, do visit my blog tomorrow, I believe there is much there that will be of interest to you, plus I'd love the benefit of your view.

Good Shabbos With Aloha from Hawaii!

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